This article’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. How about an awesome female lead from a poor background who refuses to be defiled and degraded and claim her rights and doesnt fear divorce. It is predatory behaviour. Apparently, if you stop watching a drama for a week or two Ishq Parast- Episode 18 Maryam June 19, We already have too many shows that have a lot of Rona dhona, violence and abuse, so for me this drama was something I enjoyed because it left you with a smile on your face.

He is giving her opinion respect, he is giving Dua respect. Dear Shamsi, thanks for your message. He could have met Arsala by accident and have truly fallen in love with her. Now that was one beautiful episode! I have no idea what to say. Arsala got the number and address of Dua’s friend. There is no reason even good enough.

NoJudgingHereall hell breaks loose and the whole drama starts going down the drain. Moving on to Ishq Parast Posted by Shamsi at Friday, June 05, Paeast hell breaks loose when Hamza runs Zohaib over – not enough to kill him, but enough to get him admitted to the hospital.

Hamza thinks Dua is mad at him for not answering her call, so to punish him she has switched her phone off.


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Another feather was added in his cap, when he flunked in college and erview a year just so he could be with Dua. Hamza tells Dua’s dad he is the same boy they rejected and how he plans to make Dua’s life miserable.

Shamsi 20 September drrama Which of course left Hamza angry, feeling betrayed and clueless. Vee 14 June at Ishq Parast- Episode 11 Maryam April 30, How can change happpen?

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Dua stayed quiet throughout the Humza-Arsal rishta process, totally unlike a girl who on her wedding nigh told her husband everything about her past.

I can tell you are quite passionate about this!

Ishq Parast — Episode Maryam June 27, Is that even necessary for the progression of the story? I seriously wanted to beat up her husband for being a wimp and making it all about him and dishonouring his promises. In the race for higher ratings, they simply destroyed the basic concept of the drama isbq turned Humza into a monster.

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Isyq is not sex. Close Window Loading, Please Wait! But how you address it and what you want to do by addressing such issues is what matters. A man of the house is supposed to make a lot of decisions, but the latest episode convinced me of the fact that Zohaib actually lacks the ability to make decisions, and quite conveniently, he does what other people tell him to do. God it infuriates me. She is in desperate need of some good advice but the problem is, she cannot talk to anyone.


Germany bookmaker bet review by ArtBetting. Dont even think about it. This episode was so difficult to dramaa that I am not sure how to discuss it. She went from a strong girl w ho knows her mind to this hallow-eyed door mat. Can it get any worse?

Zohaib lovely expression forced Arsala to talk that girl. Divorce is a taboo. Hamza leaves his job and went back.

He swears to wreak all kind of havoc in her life as revenge. Khala went to their house and knows that Hamza usually scolds Arsala.

There is genuinely a need for fresh writing from a perspective. His father make a drama of heart attack. Ishq Parast- Episode 8 Maryam Oshq 11,