Former spa owner, Ann, is about to lose her partner over her hoard. Shanna owns the worst hoard in “Hoarders” history – a house crammed floor to ceiling with bottles filled with human waste. In North Dakota , Patty has hoarded so many cardboard boxes that she was forced to sleep along with heaps of trash piled on top of a decaying mattress before eventually moving into a neighboring apartment already occupied by her son. His suburban Franklin, Indiana home is now so full he risks losing the love of his life and his children forever. In the series premiere, an Everett, Washington woman’s compulsive shopping has depleted her family’s finances to the point where her marriage has become strained. When there is nothing, she will have everything! He claims that if he sold anything he’d never be the same person.

She refuses to get rid of anything that belonged to them, and continually shops for more to fill her sorrow. Hoarding Cleanup Specialist Matt Paxton Two sisters in South Carolina live as room mates, and have filled their home with clothes, beauty products, and trash. He must reveal his secrets and clean up his home with family if he wants to move back in. The lack of acceptance from his community led him to hoard items as a way to deal with his pain. Ed and Connie met over their mutual love over Halloween items. A Hawaii woman’s hoard is so bad that her husband is forced to sleep in his car in hot, humid weather.

Debra in Illinois compulsively hoards clothing for her husband and children, but her family is threatening to leave if drastic measures are not taken. She now fears hoardrrs her current job is at stake and that her three-year relationship with her boyfriend is in jeopardy as a result. Viewers will get a front row seat as our experts Dr.

A woman in Oklahoma who was once a disciplined ballerina acquired 7 dogs, 3 cats, 5 goats hoarers a massive hoard from her deceased parents. Meanwhile, Lynda is hoarding stuff for the Armageddon.

Linda loves Storage Wars. A widow in Madisonville, Louisiana who has been hoarding for ten years needs to clean her home in order to prepare for future rehabilitation episoe a scheduled surgery. She has one last chance to stop the vicious cycle of loss she has inflicted on her family. A Houston, Texas firefighter’s coworkers worry his hoarding is affecting his job performance.

Start your free trial. She became a compulsive shopper after her children left home, and now, her house is so full of possessions and critters that she risks facing another winter without heat and water. A Merritt Island, Florida mother with a family history of hoarding continues to hoard following the deaths of both of her sons. A Virginia woman’s home is overgrown with weeds, and filled with garbage, rotting food, and mold. Hoarding Cleanup Specialist Matt Paxton A Huntsburg, Ohio man threatens to end his year marriage if his wife doesn’t stop hoarding; a Toledo, Ohio woman was scarred by a traumatic experience, and faces eviction from her squalid apartment if she doesn’t address her hoard.


Hanna is depressed and claims that she’s done everything wrong in life. The lack of acceptance hoardees his community led him to hoard items as a way to deal with his pain. Jan is in denial about her hoarding—one of her daughters compares her to a venomous viper ready to strike if you dare talk about throwing anything out.

Governor of the State of Nevada, who now lives in Las Vegas. Share this Rating Title: Nancy’s niece, Michelle, is the only family member willing to help, but now she fears that Nancy will die in the hoard if something isn’t done soon.

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Full Cast and Crew. Nathan came out as gay when he was Now after years of hoarding to cope with the pain, her farm in Vienna, Illinois is so packed with dying and dead farm animals, animal feces and other garbage that she must live in a single-wide trailer on her property. Did the help from the Hoarders Team ultimately change their lives for the shajna or did they revert back to their old ways? Meanwhile, Carla in Oklahoma has had three failed marriages to men who cheated on her.

An Illinois woman’s impulsive shopping is so bad that the delivery people are advised to stop delivering to her home.

Chris has filled his house and eight storage units, also in Californiawith worthless junk that he gets for free. Things have gotten so bad, that a family member pulled Maggie and her granddaughter out of the house. A Columbia, South Carolina woman, whose compulsive shopping has maxed out her equity line of credit, must address her behaviors in order to move forward.

Retrieved 2 January A Streetsboro, Ohio hoarding couple faces eviction after it is revealed that they have permitted rabbits free run of their rental house, ruining the property. Two sisters in South Carolina live as room mates, and have filled their home with clothes, beauty products, and trash. A consignment hoarsers owner in Broomall, Pennsylvania risks losing both her home and business, after it is revealed she is near bankruptcy after blowing through an inheritance fund on items for her store.

Charles’ Bisbee, Arizona house is filled with thousands of the nude paintings he has done. A blind woman’s hoard in New Mexico is so bad that every hoarderd of her home is cluttered with over 75 living and dead cats, cat feces, and urine soaked carpets and furniture.



A recovering alcoholic’s sobriety is placed in jeopardy due to his wife’s massive doll hoarding in their Warren, Michigan home; In Fresno, Californianeighbors threaten to report a local house they claim is ground zero for the area’s rat population due to the lyndw hoard inside. A firefighter’s wife in California is a severe hoarder and risks losing her marriage and custody of her four younger sons if she fails to clean up her home. A Dublin, Ohio man, who is the president of a condo homeowner association and sets the rules of upkeep for tenants, lives in a hoard that would face any other tenant to be evicted; A Winter Haven, Florida woman must choose between keeping her hoard or rekindling a romance with a long-lost love.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. A single father in Kenosha, Wisconsin must clean up his home if he hopes to keep his two special-needs children.

She never went to college, was an abusive mother hoardets her 15 children, and let her alcoholism tear apart her family.

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Alvin’s hoarding in Kansas is so out of control that he’s been forced to put his TV and food cooler in his bathroom and spend his time there. An Edmonton, Alberta, Canada woman’s seven-year-old daughter is so distraught about her mother’s hoarding that she has contemplated suicide. She and her husband risk going broke if they can’t get themselves on track. Al, of Hammond, Indianalost custody of his son due to his hoarding, Jill, of Milwaukee, Wisconsinis still a food hoarder who feels that expiration dates are arbitrary, Dale is at risk of being evicted from the Boston loft apartment where he’s lived for over 30 years, Claire and Vance filled every room of their Chicago home with hundreds of thousands of books, and Verna was forced to sleep in her attic because her Santa Cruz, California home was so hoarded.

A Cedar, Michigan man faces serious financial problems after purchasing hundreds of houses, buildings, barns and other things which he buys at auctions. A man in Mobile, Alabama has failed to meet three court-ordered deadlines to clean his yard which is filled with junk cars, scrap metal, and old appliances. Elmira’s hoard has become so bad that code enforcement is on the verge of condemning her Chesapeake, Virginia home.