The parrot continues to recite pieces of the poem, so Helga frantically pulls on Lila’s hair, flicks Arnold’s ear, then pushes Lila off the couch so that the parrot will stop talking. Helga Mutters slightly louder, but faster: I love you, Arnold! But then she changes her expression of surprise to anger, making Arnold wear an annoyed expression on his face as she tells him off. This causes pudding to end up on his pants and shirttail, and everyone laughs at him even more as Helga “April Fools'” him again and calls him a loser. Trivia This episode reveals that Phoebe knows about Helga’s crush on Arnold.

Why are you screaming ‘I do! You make buffalo, savvy. The likeness is leaning up against some wood that is extending outward and a small, arch-like metal structure. Add the first question. When it comes to the items that could give her secret away, something manages to happen at the last minute so that Helga’s secret stays safe. Arnold voice Rest of cast listed alphabetically: This one includes having a chunk of cheese as the body and some for hair, a lemon for the head, two tiny buttons for the eyes, an olive for the nose, and toothpicks with colored wrapping as the arms, legs, hands, and feet. Helga kisses Arnold like there is no tomorrow.

She does it when they are alone, and the only interruption sleepqalks occurs is done so after she has finally come clean. I didn’t feel a thing. He apologizes, helps her up, and looks at her as she seems to be considering telling him about her feelings. Upon reaching it, she touches it with one finger and it falls to pieces, then she and all the hearts start falling down. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Helga begins fpisode sleepwalk and ends epsode walking to Arnold’s house.


She sneaks into the back seat of the Packard when Arnold and Phil go to the pet shop, and she is revealed to them when the parrot sees her and squawks loudly. Conclusion So as you can see through all of the points I made, Helga’s feelings of love for Arnold really is a major theme in the show, given how many episodes in which it is featured and the different ways it is shown, sometimes with different ways in just a single episode.

It’s much better than a big teddy bear. He responds that he loves Helga, then pushes her away, causing her gondola to crash and sink. She keeps pictures of Arnold and her books yelga poetry around the shrine as well, which is sitting in what looks like a big clam shell. Sleepwzlks Movie — Arnold and Helga collide with each other twice in the film, and Gerald is with Arnold both times.

My Cartoon Reviews: Hey Arnold! – “Helga Sleepwalks”

But she sleepwalks again that night and wakes up in Arnold’s shower. When Helga is later sworn in as president, Lila is in the crowd to get to Arnold, but Helga has her secret service men Harold and Stinky drag her away.

Phoebe Heyerdahl voice Mary Scheer Then from an upstairs window, she lowers a fishing pole down to the stoop where Phil is sitting, and tries to use an attached magnet to slip it off of Phil’s neck, elisode she fails again. I call this essay “Helga in Love” because I will be discussing episodes that feature Helga’s love for Hry as part of the plot, minor or major.

Then, Helga sleepwalks…directly to Sunset Arms, with the intention of confessing her love to Arnold in her slumber. helta

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What’s on Norman’s Watchlist? How can he be so impressed by that?

Simmons reads it in class out loud, to the point of her trying to duck under her desk. Just as the effect wears off, Helga finishes the message and sleepwslks with horror when she realizes what she has done. I can’t wait to see the look on his idiotic face when I break the news to him.


And now he’s all uelga because she’s ‘sophisticated’! Not knowing it’s there, Helga begins reciting a new love poem about Arnold, which ends with her saying, “…or my name’s not Helga G. On the beach, Arnold and Summer relax on towels, and after Arnold tells Skeepwalks that he really likes her, she says she feels the same, and how she never felt so comfortable with a boy before.

Harold believes it’s his life’s calling to Arnold promises to support her, then showers her with words of affection and tells her how much he loves her.

Helga sees a phone on the downstairs floor, but sees that it has no answering machine. But after he accidentally calls her Slepwalks, Helga ends the charade entirely and takes off the costume, realizing that Arnold is only spending time with her because she reminds him of Lila and he isn’t really doing it for her.

Hey Arnold! 4×25 “Helga Sleepwalks” –

Feeling rejected by Arnold, Helga is left hela as she cries hysterically. Hush my distempered breath! When she complains that she needs to use the bathroom, Arnold walks her to there.

I guess maybe I-I even kinda like you a little. How dare he ask Lila to the Cheese Festival!