Umm, so what was it that you wanted to say? There’s also the few logs from the old blog on Kitayume which were salvaged, in case anyone feels like poking those. I was just wrapped up in some old memories. With that, it was confirmed that Ice and Nor are brothers. Finally… This is the last event. And so after all that, the two of us decided to sit and wait like always for everyone else to arrive. You just have such a forceful presence that it surprised me! Denmark is a pretty heavy drinker.

It’s either this or the alt Gakuen Hetalia script. Gakuen Hetalia Portable A few scenes have been translated on youtube by spaceinvaderdud. Last time they scared the crap outta me and it was awful! Your eyes are scary! Denmark and Sve, Nor and Ice, and I. But it sure is fun to be able to get together with everyone to have fun and drink. Speaking of old times, Sve had a boss with a pretty cool nick name way back when. Sve completely wiped the floor with him again.

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Looks like the next event is a scavenger hunt. Inrerval thought that if a person Ph-phantom… Ice, what exactly are you hoping for? So that means you and Norge are brothers!

Your sudden interruptions are too loud, Dan. Long time no see.


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You just have such a forceful presence that it surprised me! Wait, could trans,ation have just… Denmark: The participants from each nation all performed so well Aww, Ice went home. But these days we all get along as members of the Nordic group. Someone may be working on this, I can’t remember.

I’ll try to get them added to the site soon! And you were alright with that, Sve?

Sve is pretty peaceful these days, but around the 17th century… Sweden: She certainly sounds like a free spirit. But before we get onto that subject, Ice brought out some documents and thrust them under our noses. Italy – Mini Drama inrerval Brothers! Is everyone here now? Hello, this is Finland. It really is him!

You want to Ice to call you Big Brother just like when you guys were kids?! I may have a couple of the audio files, but they were hard to find What in the world could he be doing?

What kind of person was she? Could it be that you were just turning around?

G-geh… That was just… Denmark: Whoa, this looks like a pretty important document. Ah, I see it. Your eyes are scaring me, Sve!

This is Ice, the last of the Nordic group who will be meeting here today. It was never completed.


Hetalia Drama CD Interval Vol 3: Nordic Five! – Track 01 “Persistent Nordics”

I, the emperor of online gaming, am full of energy and ready to make me mountains and mountains of Reply Parent Thread Link. Butcha know, there was an investigation about it and it turns out that Fin and I are the heaviest drinkers among the Nordics! This is W Academy Oh hey, come sit down, Ice! It was so cute!

Well, trandlation Denmark in this shape, I suppose we might as well adjourn for the day. I just remembered this, but the reason we were getting together today was to discuss a way to make goods manufactured in the Nordic countries better! I thought I was crazy for a moment. Why do I have to start calling him that now? You went so quiet all of a sudden.

I mean, yer both weirdly scary and have strange friends! Whatever happens, it seems flve Nor spends a lot of time with Denmark.