Mahidevran looks sick with worry He tells the Sultan that Suleyman Pasha has some news from the Egyptian governor-general, and Suleyman asks him to read it to him. June 24, at 4: All of you are doing things behind my back! Charles V is trying to get all of our Christian citizens to rebel against our rule. He has not only stopped giving us taxes, but he has fallen into betrayal by attacking Poland, whom we have a peace treaty with. Do you not trust me? I would ask you for your advice if I needed it.

From now on you will be my Kubbe Vizier, may God make it beneficial for you. I said that they would brighten up my path She tells him she has come to meet with Mahidevran. In the next scene, we see Esmahan enter Mihrimah’s room, and she tells her she must hurry back to her palace quickly. Am I supposed to explain myself to you?? Make a peace agreement for 10 years, and figure these issues out during that time.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms hatim Use and Privacy Policy. Angela Silverwood 29 October at I have never seen Hurrem Sultan not achieve what she wants Mosalsal harim soltan 4 modablaj ep In the next scene, Bali Bey and Nasuh Efendi are seen talking.


For whatever reason I chose to do what I did, I was incorrect. My brother Ferdinand and the governor of Bogdan will keep Suleyman busy. Last year, we were barely able to save Rome from falling to the same fate as Constantinople. Is there something I don’t know about?

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Mustafa is surprised, but allows him to enter. They will solyan this opportunity to try to get rid of me as the Hunkar is away.

This is why you are staying far from me, isn’t that right? Outside, Rustem tells an agha to spread a rumour in the harem and that everyone will hear it and know about it.

Do you not trust me? We need to bring their forces together, because if we do this, then the rest of the Christian armies and kingdoms will join us too. I will grand you the freedom to do whatever pleases you as long as you are enjoying every moment. Story of Bravery and Love and it aired on channel Geo Kahani.

Sltan screams episove pain then her guard wraps a rope around his neck.

Mosalsal harim soltan 4 modablaj ep 90

Now they have fallen to arguing about the upcoming campaign. The Pay-i-taht is under your protection, Mustafa Pasha. I am sad – but you will stay here. Of course you are not a child!


Later in Manisa, Mustafa arrives Also, the Anadolu and Rumeli Beylerbeys are closer in line to be in the Divan That the person holding the mirror must never involve themselves in sin You are now quite a big young man – it is for this reason that you will stay here. May my life be sacrificed for you Turkish TV in Greece”. I am the fun who loves the make most out of each moment. God willing we will return from the campaign, and we will take care of your wedding. I swear by Allah, all of the things I am being accused of are actually things he has done.

Do you understand me?! I am stuck in between two fires. Turkish series will gradually be removed and replaced by national programs, according to a bill.

You made yourself get caught just to force him to marry you.