Sensing something amiss, Rumati took hold of Kajika and both try to escape the assassins. Kajika on the other hand was elated that both Lee-leng and Eugene Mustafa will be joining her in the Gibori Islands but she first told Toranosuke to head off to Raginei as she wants her dying grandfather, King Mahaty to meet her husband Lee-leng. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Views Read Edit View history. He goes to Yui’s school and introduced himself as Kajika’s fiance, Yui is overjoyed that Kajika has not forgotten her. He promises her that he’ll return soon. Moreover, Najayra is revealed to be Quinza’s beloved. Harry asks if he should introduce some gals to Rumaty and Rumaty keenly asked if Harry was planning on a Marriage game for him.

Rumati receives a peck on the cheek from Kajika, which made him blush and also take a liking to Kajika. Kajika bursts in from behind a door with a lighter, disgusted. They find Eugene there, wearing a yukata. He asks Lee-Leng why he won’t tell Kajika how he feels. Knowing that Kajika and Carl are corporate enemies, Najayra enjoys trying to elicit a reaction from the two. Then Harry meets Eugene and Carl later on to talk about Kajika. One day, she meets Eugene Du Vorkan, whom Kajika believes is the reincarnation of her beloved white leopard Mustafa. Noei tries to convince Quinza to stop his evil tactics, but Quinza declares that their opinions are too different to get along.

Finally, Lee-leng realizes that he can give up everything he has just to be with Kajika. He says that he will always wait for her, that she was the girl who opened everything to him. Then Harry meets Haansakeru and Carl later on to talk about Kajika. They talk about the husband hunting game and Kajika shows Fred, pictures of the 2 candidates.

Later, Rumaty apologizes and both of them go to Singapore where the prince gives an interview in which he states that he’ll return to Seishoounen even if just one of his people call for him.

Hanasakeru Seishounen English Sub

Kajika who meets her biological grandfather for hanasakefu first time was motivated to go all the way and fight for her love after listening to Mahaty’s words. Quinza finds out seisyounen Carl’s elder sister about Kajika’s lineage and decides that she must be killed to protect Rumaty. This episode starts off by Kajika putting forth the idea to cut Eugene’s hair! He was still loyal to the Raginei royalty though.

Kajika tells him that she wants Lee-Leng and Eugene states that seiwhounen that is what she wants, that is what he’ll be giving her Lee-Leng. Lee-leng points a gun at Zao stating that both of them should wait whilst the Elders decide what to do with Lee-leng but as Zao was to command his personally hired bodyguards to his aid, Lieutenant Noei, sent by Rumaty to help Kajika, appears together with his comrades to save Lee-leng from being held captive in his mansion in Singapore.


Disguised as tailors they reunite with Eugene. Eugene returns to englisy hotel where Kajika was waiting. However, Eugene becomes overwhelmed by Najayra’s strong personality.

Li-Ren who is in charge of overseeing the “marriage game” suspects that Eugene is one of the husband candidates chosen by Harry. Retrieved from ” https: Haga cannot find her and everyone seishonen to look for her.

She decides to do anything in her power to help him. The sisters shriek and leave, telling Kajika that she would regret it.

While Yui is being flown to New York, Eugene is away in Austria as it is the anniversary of his mother’s death.

Just then Toranosuke bursts in the room saying that Kajika’s biological grandfather, Mahaty is in critical condition. Lee-leng agrees to go back to being the leader of the Huang group and to marry Ling-Lee in order to keep Kajika alive.

Meanwhile, Kajika worries about Eugene who has decided to go alone to a royal family party hosted by Izmal. Argument ensues that as the head of the Huang group it is his obligation to settle down and produce an heir, to which Lee-leng refuses. As the search for Rumati and Kajika was on, Kajika was quick to make friends with all three guys from the HK Street Kids throughout the night but suddenly, the assassins, who included Lieutenant Noei from Raginei, found the hideout and attacked incessantly.

Kajika and Haga Toranosuke go to Li-Ren’s party and meet several people. While waiting seishounsn Kajika to get her baggage, Carl suddenly meets Lee-leng ehglish just arrived at the Enhlish Airport. Eugene is shocked when Quinza tells him that Najayra was betrothed to Somand and was supposed to become Queen. A great deal of damage was done to the Huang family’s property but Noei told Zao to send the invoices to Rosenthal Corp as Carl Rosenthal had offered to pay for the losses.

Feeling hurt, Eugene runs to the 3rd floor of the mansion and wanted to jump out the very same window as his mother did. Kajika sneaks out because she can’t sleep and meets Rumati on the way out, they start to talk, unwanted by Rumati, and learn new stuff about each other, Rumati gives his cloth to Kajika and minutes later they run into assassins. Kajika is confused about what kind of love she feels for her friends and has a talk with Eugene about it.

When he was about to stab her with a dagger, Lee-leng appears and shoots Quinza and he falls off the building.


After finding out about Kajika’s lineage, Quinza set out to kill her. Rumaty has been shown photos that proves all of this is true. He is attacked by assassins in his hotel room and fled by hiding in a laundry cart. Later, he finds that his father has died, and he has been accused of high treason.

Li-Ren finds out about the unusual succession system in Raginei and realizes that Kajika is first in line for the throne. Meanwhile Maria comes to visit Kajika. Eugene, unable to contact Kajika, decides to go to Japan to meet her friend Yui. Toranosuke finds Kajika and Lee-Leng who were looking for Quinza after his fall and takes sishounen to the airport.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Kajika sees that the boy has blue eyes with black hair and finds 03 strange and interesting. Kajika becomes determined to find out the reason that Lee-leng broke his promise to go to Gibori island with her and why he would marry Ling-Lee.

However, in exchange, Lee-leng says that he will step down as the leader of the Huangs. On the other hand, danger is approaching Kajika and Eugene, who are waiting for Lee-leng’s arrival.

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Rumati receives a peck on the cheek from Kajika, which made him blush and also take a liking to Kajika. Eddie the reporter turns up at Kajika’s house with evidence seisounen corruption, there are slums where there previously weren’t, prison and execution camps where people enflish killed without trial. Meanwhile, Carl quickly returns home after hearing from his father, Nelson. Lee-leng, Goslen and Kajika find a new hideout.

The series premiered on April 5, on the NHKand ended in The episode ends with Rumati and his fellow men leaving for Raginei. They go into a bar engljsh she introduces Mahaty to Fred Burnsworth, Kajika’s grandfather.

Kajika then told him that she’ll not let go of Lee-leng. A total of 13 DVD releases are set to be published by Studio Pierroteach containing three episodes. Kajika tells Lee-leng that she wants to go to Raginei but he becomes worried about Kajika and refuses.

Princess Najayra finds Quinza who came back to the palace, he told her to be happy, she realizes that he never loved her and that she could sdishounen kill him.