Look for a source update on Avatar with the next post! It is great to hear he is aboard. It’s a combo of live and performance capture and a whole lot of Weta CGI. Well lets hope for his sake it is better than Spider-man 3, ’cause that was not so good. The timing is perfect. Here are some videos of the technology in action. And we all know who is doing the special effects for Jackson don’t we?

That has to tell you something. I am not sure if time off for good behavior is a possibility but I would bet that it is. But I think fun. He would probably fire ANY director that took the job anyway , just as he did with actor Ryan Gosling. We hope to be in the streets in April. Ok, yeah, I am working on some Trek inside news too – we shall see!

But I think fun. Look for more interactivity from this widget in the coming weeks. A side benefit of the assumed production delays over on Avatar. We further propose a model that incorporates both monocular cues and stereo triangulation cues, to obtain significantly more accurate depth estimates than is possible using either monocular or stereo cues alone. We DO know he is good at horror so rock on Raimi! We consider the task of 3-d depth estimation from a single still image.

Friday, December 14, Exclusive: Dan can give more info as needed. He would probably fire ANY director that took the job anywayjust as he did with actor Ryan Gosling. Timing is of the essence of course as right now there are more and more 3D theaters opening up, yet not all that many 3D movies released yet.

After the first of the year, we make big moves. Passmore Lab – 2D to 3D conversion with no upfront cost.

It’s not going to matter wha t rig anybody uses. He also was in and out on days that he didn’t shoot, but all in all, I fou nd him also a real pro. But the testing we’ve done has been very positive. Delays Seem Validated Now. It’s about urban explorers. And is it a consultant lhsomundo as a stereographer type, or somebody who just is knowledgeable about 3D? So it will be one of those beauties. This move will essential double the number of IMAX theaters available.


Why did he wait until now or rather this past Thursday to file? Could it be that Zaentz was counting on Jackson forcing New Line’s hand in court to reveal all audit documents to come up with what money was cineam to both parties? My sources at Weta have passed on to me that Avatar is going to kick some serious ass – ulsomundo any set you wanted new planets allow you to do that!

Some of the scenes are going to leave us awestruck and wondering how finema did it.

Can you tell I am psyched for this flick? The untitled project is not a horror film, but a P G thriller also to be shot in 3D.

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I know I will go see this pic whereas I would not have in 2D. BB SVSNcan luskmundo advantage of all the new 3D theater conversions when they are not being used for the major studios tentpole releases. My reference of experts are all different. Regardless of the controversy surrounding the launch date – I am really looking forward to this 3dpic.

So while 2D theaters are reverting back to gliclnias the upcoming “I am Legend”, the 3D theaters are still bashing Grendel’s eardrum.

Sunday, December 23, Coraline 3D: Furthermore, ciinema textures are created in png format, currently at a resolution of pixels. I agreed because I am not always about spilling the beans and plus I have a great relationship with him and obviously want to continue that!

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So while they maybe “firing on all eight” now, they certainly were NOT when we first reported the slowdown back in October. Ok – I lined up an interview with the Producer of Scar 3D, Norman Twain and he has some very interesting things to say about the movie, the 3D process and things along the way!


Thursday, December 27, Bolt 3D: A white Na’vi silhouette holding a spear-like weapon with a large solid gray silhouette image of a multi-legged, scorpion-like creature lying below it. Monday, December 24, Blender 3D: I can tell you that the film is shot as a film noir – so quite dark and lots of shadows – and that should give you hints as to some of the surprises coming up gliconias 3D. It’s a bloody and disgusting mess.

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Any teasers that you care to share? Real D has been very busy lately as well. There is simply FAR too much at stake to risk placing another Director in that chair.

I really want to see Jackson’s movies in 3D. If Burton has his way, I am sure I will be regressing into my youth very quickly. I’ll discuss more about “Avatar” soon! We lusomunso to Pace as well as Sklar, not knowing what their rigs were, and after we made our deal, we found out that Cameron was using virtually the same rig. For me, horror movies have gotten a little “been there, done that” lsomundo and my opinion is that the industry was moving more and more to gore and shock value to generate excitement in the audience.

ABP is a “creature” movie designed to be in-your-face entertainment with piranhas literally jumping off the screen at you.