Zak, Nick, and Aaron travel to Salem to perform a ritual in hopes of contacting souls involved in the witch trials. This was the first episode in the series to feature a “viewer discretion advised” warning. Retrieved November 7, GAC head to the bayou in search of the famously captured on camera slave and children spirits that reside at the Myrtles Plantation , one of hundreds of plantation houses in Louisiana dating back to the state’s slavery years. Wolf Creek, Oregon , US. GAC heads to the abandoned Letchworth Village in Rockland County , a former residential community for the disabled and mentally ill which was closed after the media discovered that patients were tortured and some of the staff were mistreated.

Retrieved July 10, The crew investigates Boise, Idaho ‘s Old Idaho State Penitentiary which is said to be haunted by the ghosts of dead convicts. Series Return and Premiere Dates. His mission is to learn everything he can about the culture, the history, and the mysteries of Paris’ Catacombs, especially if it relates to the afterlife. The Ghost Adventures Crew investigates the Shanghai Tunnels underneath modern-day Portland, Oregon , which were reportedly used to kidnap or “shanghai” unsuspecting victims, sell them as slaves to sea captains waiting at the waterfront and force them to work aboard their ships. Retrieved 25 February Jefferson City, Missouri , US. Retrieved March 29,

Retrieved 25 October With a famous owner, the tragic death of a beloved actor, and the unsolved disappearance of a business partner, the nightclub is filled with sinister energy.

Retrieved July 11, While Nick celebrates the birth of his daughter, Zak and Aaron travel to XochimilcoMexico where the dark and creepy canals are home to ghosh might be the world’s strangest and scariest tourist attraction; the “Island of the Dolls”, because of the many baby dolls in the trees. Their first stop is McRaven Mansion, widely considered to be the most haunted building in the South.

During the investigation, Zak almost accidentally walks off a ledge in the building. Carson City, NevadaUS. Retrieved April 25, GAC return to historic Savannah for their lockdown at the haunted Sorrel Weed Housethe famous antebellum -style home considered the psrryville haunted adventjres in town.

GAC heads to the Arizona desert for their lockdown in The Domes, a collection of massive dome-shaped buildings. Tombstone, ArizonaUS. They’re also called to investigate the “band house”, a turn of the century-era home that the owner of the local Birdcage Saloon rents out to bands performing at her bar. The crew visits Execution Rocks Batflea deserted lighthouse with a history of murder, fires, and shipwrecks located in New York’s Long Island Sound.


They also explore two locations that are allegedly haunted by the ghosts of soldiers: The building is described as a ” black hole ” because most of the former patients died there. Santa Clarita, CaliforniaUS.

Perryville Field Hospital

Also fans vote on their favorite funniest and scariest moments to see which fiepd are the winners of each episode. The series follows ghost hunters Zak Bagans, Nick Groff seasons 1—10and Aaron Goodwin as they investigate locations that are reported to be haunted. Zak, Nick and Aaron head to Oklahoma City, Oklahomato investigate a home terrorized by an ancient, demonic force called ” Zozo “, an ancient demon which is known for attacking, sexually assaulting adentures possessing its victims through a spirit board.

The Ghost Adventures Crew travel deep into the Nevada desert to the old ghost perryvillf of Goodsprings to investigate the Pioneer Saloon, where they attempt to solve the mystery of the plane crash that killed movie star Carole Lombard while also investigating the claims of brutal murders of Paul Coski and other cowboys who cheated at cards during poker fkeld.

Fall River, MassachusettsUS. Zak returns with Nick and Aaron to his hometown of Glen Ellyn, Illinoisto reminisce about his past before their lockdown at the Excalibur Nightclub in ChicagoIllinoiswhere people perished in the Great Chicago Fire.

GAC head to San Pedro for their lockdown inside the Fort MacArthur Military Museumthe site of many claims hospitwl paranormal activity believed to be caused by UFOs Built inthis coastal defense battery was put to the test after Pearl Harbor when they fired almost 1, rounds of ammunition at what they believed was an air invasion. The long-abandoned hotels, sealed off and left frozen in time, have created a paranormal esason cooker just waiting to ffield. Built by Francis Sorrel in for his wife Matilda who later committed suicide by jumping off the balcony after finding him advsntures an affair with their slave Molly.


Retrieved July 17, Retrieved March 15, To be exact, 65 feet below in a massive maze of tunnels. Zak, Nick and Aaron visit the historic St.

Jefferson City, MissouriUS. Zak and the crew are called upon by the mayor of Vicksburg, Mississippi, to explore the Siege of Vicksburg and its lasting impact on the city. Eureka, UtahUS. Series Return and Premiere Dates. During the intense lockdown, the guys are shocked by a satanic message sent through a child’s toy.

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Natchez, MississippiUS. GAC examine war-torn locations filled with the echoes of America’s violent history. Duluth, MinnesotaUS. Originally built as a hospital inthe building was used as a rest home, and then, init was converted into a hotel. They also pay a visit to one of the most haunted burial grounds in the world, Bachelor’s Grove Cemeterylocated 45 minutes outside of Chicago. Moundsville, West VirginiaUS. Retrieved March 28, In the season 13 premiere, the Ghost Adventures Crew travel to Idaho Springs to investigate the haunted Phoenix Gold Minewhere a brutal murder took place and a malevolent spirits called ” Tommyknockers “, derived from Cornish folklore is known for their knocking in the deep tunnels.

“Ghost Adventures” Perryville Field Hospital (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Idaho Springs, ColoradoUS. The guys also investigate a local legend about Old Stage Road outside of Salinas, California to validate peoples claims of a female spirit appearing on the road, and in their car.

The guys visit the infamous Mustang Rancha legal brothel near Reno, Nevada to investigate claims of an angry male spirit sexually attacking the female employees. The guys also learn about the history of the Battle of Los Angeles.

Retrieved December 4, Retrieved March 8, The crew heads to Savannah, Georgiapurported to be one of the country’s most haunted cities to investigate claims of paranormal activity at foeld Moon River Brewing Company. The team investigate claims of paranormal encounters at the Market Street Cinema strip club in San Francisco, California.