Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. He has since appeared in The Dandy and The Beano. Then he moved around. The musical had run from the end of to the beginning of , at the Southark Playhouse in London. In September , it was announced that the movie was in the early stages. Some of these episodes would eventually reappear in print form in The Dandy in , coinciding with the BBC repeating the series that year, and were reprinted in the comic in Spring , now promoting the DVD, each episode was roughly five minutes from start to end. Jill Shilling voiced Fiona and any additional female characters, including Eric’s cousin Samantha but not Auntie.

I might draw up a storyboard and give it to an animator. From to , the BBC aired a cartoon series based on Bananaman and featuring the voices of the members of The Goodies. Syndney aka Toymaster 10 year old parody of Toyman. The Comics click the covers. Iconic One Theme Powered by WordPress. One of the Nerks in paint-traced outline.

Terry Ward spent 5 years there learning all the elements. Bananamn has to filma what seems like endless flights of stairs to get to the fourth floor studio. It has been said that the majority of good animators were frustrated actors who could draw but could not act properly.

Baannaman animator may see it and animate it in a totally different way although the end result is the same because he has followed the storyboard and that, in a way, is an achievement for me. Then Bond and Ward split up. Some of these episodes would eventually reappear in print form in The Dandy incoinciding with the BBC repeating the series that year, and were reprinted in the comic filma springnow promoting the DVD. Original stripThe original strip, written by Steve Bright and mostly drawn by John Geering until his death inis essentially a parody of Superman with shades of Captain Marvel and his British twin, Marvelman and occasionally other Silver Age characters, while also combining comic slapstick with a heavy dose of eccentric British humour similar to Alan Moore’s contemporary work on Captain Britain.

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It has been suggested that this article be split into a new article titled Bananaman TV series. The programme lasted for forty episodes between 3 October and 15 April This site uses cookies. Superhuman strength Flight Invulnerability Breathing in space Helium-boosted heat finger Also equipped with gadgets: Witchy Woman parody of Scarlet Witch. Instead there was fashionable chromium furniture with a glass topped desk and a constantly buzzing phone. Email Address never made public.


There have also been comics where he has eaten a variant on normal bananas, and transforms differently, reflecting the difference in that banana.

Iconic One Theme Powered by WordPress. You tend to criticise and be too tough on yourself whereas when you are working filjs a team your ideas flow in different directions.

Sporadically from to the character appeared in reprinted strips from the John Geering era. Before he eats a banana, Bananaman is a young boy called Eric who is keen to keep his alter-ego a secret.

Bananaman resembles Superman baanaman having a kryptonite -style weakness to mouldy bananas, and a Fortress of Solitude -style building at the North Pole, made out of a giant banana. Immense stupidity quoted as having “The muscles of twenty men, and the brains of twenty mussels”.

If they have an animated commercial to do they might pull one of the animators off Bananaman and bring in some freelance trace and paint to put it together. Weatherman works for General Blight. He used to wear an Indian feather headdress as a visual pun on Chief, and banananan later strips wore a hat with a flashing blue light on the top. You have much more freedom than you do with commercials. Although Ward is a trained animator he prefers to direct and produce.

So I suppose animators have to have an extrovert nature because that is what is coming over on the paper all the time. Parts of the character were changed for the series: Teaser for DC Thomson’s feature film version of Bananaman”. The owners of the comic approached Terry Ward with the idea of using the stories from the comics together with the comic strip characters to make a TV series.

February 19, at 9: This idea was scrapped later on in production, because the concept of two children being related without parents would be too far-fetched for children to understand; however, the idea was revived for a Beano comic strip.

I might draw up a storyboard and give it to an animator. Stupid, but well-meaning and super-strong super-hero, Bananaman gets his strength from eating bananas. The erratic nature of commercials means that studios like Flicks Films Ltd can not afford to carry a large full time staff.

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. The character originally appeared in Nutty as the backpage strip in Issue 1, dated 16 February drawn by John Geering. Some of these episodes would eventually re-appear in print form in The Dandy incoinciding with the BBC repeating the series that year, and are now being reprinted in the comic as of Aprilnow promoting the DVD. Phrases from the show, “twenty fi,ms men” and “ever alert for the call to action”, are bananajan used in the comic today.


Bananaman was aired in the United States by the Nickelodeon cable network, as a companion piece to Danger Mousebut Bananaman never came close to reaching that series’ American popularity. The choice of team depends on the project in hand. Commercials were really taking off and animated film titles were a big thing. This was unusual because, unlike many other comics at the time, Nutty never had an annual. From toBananaman also had his own annual. As the film never came in as promised, it is likely the film has been cancelled.

So you are financing one with the other. Printed in Animator Issue 13 Summer During early board meetings, the designers thought of having Bananagirl accompany the series. This year I have been transferring the slit scan film and graphics onto video with Mirage and Quantel.

Each episode was roughly five minutes from start to end. Flicks Films recently made four Olivetti computer commercials using the Mr Men characters. With one group Hanna-Barbera are turning out 13 half-hours in eight months which makes our 40 five minute episodes of Bananaman in two years look tame.

In the Dandy AnnualBananaman’s origin was changed to that of being a normal Earth baby in a maternity hospital, who obtained his powers after unintentionally eating a banana in which General Blight had hidden a stolen supply of ‘Saturnium’, and accidentally left it next to Eric. So they called in script writer Bernie Kay to create a new set of stories. Impossible Man, complete with a quiff who performs impossible things such as hopping at mph. However, a release date was not mentioned.

Bananaman initially faced a different pastiche supervillain each week, who were often lampoons of the kind of single issue, uncreatively named villains that heroes fought during the Silver Ageor tips of the hat to famous supervillains.