This supports the Maven widget and search functionality. I veered towards To Sir, With Love instead. None of those things should happen to kids! The principal is played by Malcolm McDowell , A Clockwork Orange who is convinced by a robotics specialist, played by Stacy Keach , American History X , to use new robotic teachers to keep the highly volatile students in line. Awesome, am I right? Takashi Miike goes there and he bows down to no one. We partner with Say Media to deliver ad campaigns on our sites. This is an awesome list!

This movie is a variation of the cult classic Class of , but is instead set in a fire free zone so full of gang violence that no police will enter the area. Not only is the book a classic, but the movie is as well. I’m glad you saw some movies you liked on the list and I hope I introduced some others that you might watch sometime soon! Some have been honorably mentioned above. Another criteria is that they must be an actual gang in one form or another. The two struggle against their own social circles and against the social circles of the one they love.

Not nice for a bunch of 17 year old hooligans who still live with mum and dad.

SINOPSIS Crows Zero 3 : Crows Explode ( ) | Sinopsis Filmku

This entry has 3 movies with a similar storyline, though they are approached very differently. No data is shared with Paypal unless you engage with this feature. These are 20 somethings fully expecting to go to jail, not to juvenile hall. I wish it gave me something to allow it to be on the list but alas, no. I’m glad you saw some movies you liked on the list and I hope I introduced some others that you might watch crowd soon!

Chino, you may not have seen some of the movies on this list, but that does not mean that the rest of the movies on it crrows. It was such a groundbreaking movie, and so disturbing.

The Top 10 Best High School Gang Movies | ReelRundown

Heathers wasn’t even a gang high school film. Heard this tale before?

Feel free to remove Class of and input it there. Every good high school gang film has that extra special something about it that lifts it up jepsng makes it stand out.


Instead, the movie shows the ugliness, pettiness, and harsh realities women have to face within their own culture and society and as well as the opposition of their male gang counterparts. Voted up and awesome! City of GodMeirelles and Lund This movie tells the story of two friends as youngsters that eventually grow apart.

If you want a movie that has a similar feel, but has a harder edge, Battle Royale is the way to go. I can’t believe nepang you forgot Juice. Such a good, underrated movie.

I’m glad the Kubrick classic made the list. Also, any list of gang movies without Blackboard Jungle one of the original and Crows Zero is missing out. This is an ad network. It could very well have been 1, had it not been for that crazy thing about high school. It kept the heart and soul of the book while really making it popcorn worthy enough as a film. Wheres Deadbeat at dawn? Every gang in the movie pays homage to A Clockwork Orange in one fashion or another, but it never loses sight of its own goals.

Eh, different opinions and all that. They manipulate and demean others just for fun. They were in high school and did things that were necessary to end up on the list, maybe 1. I will note that if you have enjoyed any of these movies, you should watch The Warriors because it is one of the best.

One of those teachers is played by the very fabulous Pam GrierJ ackie Brown. The movie has a bunch of kids band together to take over their school, literally blockading their parents and teachers inside their school while they tear the town apart.

It’s such a haunting, yet socially observational film.

Strange niche I love, but there’s a lot of good movies in this sub-genre! Thanks for sharing this list of movies. Growing up in the middle of East Oakland, I think we all identified with the Greasers and it has stuck with me ever since. This is used for a registered author who enrolls in the HubPages Earnings program and requests to be paid via PayPal. If you check again under The Outsiders, you’ll find that I do mention Rumble Fish and linked them together because they have similar casts, are both directed by Scorsese and have a similar subject matter when it comes to gangs and growing up.


I so love Takayuki Yamada who plays Serizawa. This list, more than anything, is to show how many great high school gang films there are. The teacher is tasked to teach the gang of kids, but they prove to be cunning in their desire to stay young thugs.

The Top 10 Best High School Gang Movies

It is a teenage gang film to its core and has become a blue plate for bad deeds, imagery, and costuming when other movies decide to make a high school gang film. This is a seeprti film about Buscape and Ze and though it is a gang film about teenagers, it really has nothing to do about high school. All these entries need is one scene in a high school, though it is better if it more prominently featured. Javascript software libraries such srperti jQuery are loaded at endpoints on the googleapis.

The students are divided into different gangs or school clubs, like the weightlifting team, the kendo team, and the rugby team.

I first saw the movie dubbed, but the original is even better since the dubbed version has around 40 minutes cut. For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle sepergi, visit our Privacy Policy at: I think at one point or another he was typecast as the cool, rebellious teen.

I also have watched many of the movies which you have discussed here.