Natural mother of pearl has been a symbol of love for thousands years. I expect they would reply quickly if you were able to say that you had a Fife boat that you were thinking of brining along. Sandeman was later listed in the Guinness Book of Records as being the youngest person to sail the Atlantic single-handedly between Jersey and Rhode Island. I find it both interesting and encouraging hearing about his problems and weather. Memory of lost times. I for sure will be there. Few believed that a boat of this size could be sailed safely by one man, and with entries on the start line – many concluded the race was getting out of control. Bourgnon, in the lead, broke his mainsheet track, Florence Arthaud capsized off Newfoundland and Poupon had long dropped out because of a broken daggerboard.

They have survived when nothing else has. Millport Bay, these are well sheltered in most directions unless South or South west. He has also been involved in the administration of several sailing organisations. Some of these watches are gone forever from my collection, so there is no sense to ask whether they are on sale or is still available: W M Nixon looks back to an event which brought big time sailing sweeping into Dublin Bay. Otherwise stores are listed, buying on Saturday.

Because, every so often, somebody somewhere announces that the French are becoming world leaders for popular forms of sailing which draw the crowds, and get significant numbers to have a go for themselves in the world of boats and sticks and strings and sails.

A torrent of green water poured in and I wafch instantly that there was no stopping this miniature tidal wave, given the sheer power behind it. However, it was the capsizing of Jeantot Credit Agricole in the mid-Atlantic that was the talk of the town and went on to pose a problem at the finish.

Anyone else going south that way?

It was Peyron who took the finish line first in a new record time of 12 days, 11 hours and 45 minutes – around four weeks shorter than the original time taken by Sir Francis Chichester in However, he was unable to complete what was to be his last race, and he died later the same year.


Eric Tabarly appeared on the scene – a young, square-jawed French naval officer, he was as brave as a lion, and in the open ocean, he could outsail the Anglophone and Nordic nations.

His own experience ranges from club sailing tabatly international offshore events, and he has cruised extensively under sail, often in his own boats which have ranged in size asiling an 11ft dinghy to a 35ft cruiser-racer.

Hope to sail down in less than ten days nm round the Mullso setting-off from Loch Ewe on Monday 17th June. You might also want to read Halfway across the Atlantic a Russian trawler ran into him in the dark during a storm. Is that an easy reality?

But it was without counting on the unstable breezes that knocked him down over just miles from the finish. Download the registration form HERE to use direct bank credit. Some of these watches are gone forever from my collection, so there is no sense to ask whether they are on sale or is still available: The whole idea of a single-handed yacht race was revolutionary and almost unheard of at the time.

Sailing wristwatch – CSEHRMW – SW2D – Eric Tabarly watches

Thus the star of the monohull fleet was Vendredi Treize transalation: He put his foot down near the finish and came in with more than a hour lead over the second boat. Very very helpful people; highly recommended. Was Little Fritzz still tossing extra gear overboard? One of the less fortunate skippers of this race was Bernard Stamm.

The rescue operation was carried out efficiently and simplified by the particularly mild weather conditions at the time. In between those two boats, the drama of one of the great transatlantic races was played out. However, the though upwind conditions in the north Atlantic in the early summer of took their toll on Pen Duick II which sustained damage to her headstays, forcing Peyron to turn round on his 13th day at sea when halfway to America. Very much looking forward to it, I have had a lot of enjoyment researching the vessels entered and compiling my own guide.


Amazingly, people expressed an interest in taking part, 50 declarations of intent were received, eight boats entered but only five intrepid sailors crossed the start line off Plymouth.

Warned of the storm, Williams sailed further north missing the brunt of it and gained an estimated miles over his competitors. I will be there for the week, following the fleet camera in hand, I am based in Largs. Presentation chaired by Sophia Urban and Gary Jobson.

There are free moorings a lot closer than Rothesay. This Regatta Watch features a sophisticated countdown system to ensure It was difficult to make a forecast especially as weather conditions were not very favourable at the start with the fleet quickly becoming txbarly across the Atlantic — Joyon headed north, Vatine south and Bourgnon and Peyron took the middle course. I am planning on being there.

DAY 1 – Monday, October 22

Where it all began The Transat began life when a handful of British sailors made a bet to see if they could sail across the Atlantic to America single-handed and who could do it the fastest.

Yabarly Links Remove Advertisements. At just 23 years old she was one of the youngest competitors of the race and unexpectedly she absolutely blew her competitors out of the water. Thank you, well done.

He gegatta a new course record of 18 days.