This eSports powerhouse has one of the most impressive records in the competitive League of Legends scene with 5 world championship appearances and 6 NA LCS finals under his belt. From what I remember it was a combination of him and Regi clashing too much and both be shotcalling during games and Chaox showing up late to practices.. I wish it was a bit of both. I like the LoL has come so far as an eSport and everything, but we don’t get enough moments like that anymore. P also fake dc. Dyrus was one of the first professional eSports players. Once upon a time bots were merciless.

Dyrone going to med school after retiring. I remember those days. Dyrus’ Full Commentary Play by play Singed game. Take care Dyrus, thank you for so many of the memories: Hope that if you see this, Dyrus, that you remember the good times! Another moment on stream was during Travis’ State of the League post-show where Dyrus started singing Barbie Girl was also a very memorable Dyrus moment. Sometimes he was completely quiet for like 30 min on his stream. He is a very carry-oriented top laner, which I think is much needed on TSM.

I had the pleasure of witnessing this in person at the PAX regionals that year.

He heavily favours champions like Fizz to help him carry games, which would once shyvan be perfect for TSM. When he first started streaming on EUW and got a pentakill.

Aphromoo Scarra and more. Best esports games in History. Oh yea, also whoever had ahyvana had the big pink eye icon over their head.

Shyvana stats in NA LCS Spring win rate, KDA, DPM, build, best players

Also, I’d fucking looooooooooooove if the General and him started streaming together. The potion was something like g, so generally the person who had it was either the supporty jungler skarners, naughty naut or the support player. Before all the seriousness of LCS, Dyrus used to stream a ton of other games along with League and I can’t wait for him to get back to streaming for fun again. This is arguably one of the best top laners to come out of EUW in a long time.


Due to everything that Dyrus brought to eSports, it was heartbreaking to see him tear up while apologizing to his fans for letting them down after being eliminated from the World Championship. I am a jungler and I hated when ali jungle was a thing.

He had the vision from the blue trinket, but it wore off when Ahri was at about the middle of the pit. Then you had no money for other things. I just started playing league and Singed was free that week, saw a player hard carry with top Singed, being new to the game, all of us chased the Singed and lost.

I would honestly not be surprised to see this talented Korean player be imported to help the team out. This, but also the straw that that broke the camels back.

And of course, when we all learned that Dyrus started a fire. From his season 3 Renekton, with an unbelievable Then a year later he joins Coast for coach then retires after a month to focus on competetive play. The only counter play was to kill the person with oracles. Bad side of the fact the eSport is growing up.

Dyrus’ Farewell and TSM’s Big Question

My favorite moments were his vlogs that started with “Why hello there” and even though it’s not the greatest, when he almost burned down the TSM house. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

I truly wonder seaason he’ll start streaming again now that he’s done with playing professionally. He just don’t care! Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Who will replace him in the top lane?

Furthermore, it is also well known that the player keeps in close contact with Locodoco, who is currently in the position of a coach at TSM. Don’t forget that later the same tournament he was playing Sion mid and had either perfect or near-perfect CS for the first 15 or so seaskn and in the middle of the fucking game he posted “hi I’m Dyrus” in GD. He has had some amazing games on unconventional champions like Yasuo and Jax and has repeatedly been able to secure his team victories even when they fell behind.


Found it, NSFW language. While in his recent AMA on Reddit, Dyrus did reveal a list of top laners that he would love to see replace him ZionSpartan, Hauntzer, Flame, Cabochard, Trace, Marin, Ssumday, Huni, Impact, Soaz and Zivmost of these players are pretty unrealistic replacements, but there are three that definitely stand out as potential candidates for the role. Dyrus playing a 1 v 3 dive perfectly as Rumble.

With two years of finishing in the 4th spot or worse in the Seasn LCS, it might be a time for a roster change for this famed team and an opportunity for this player to move over to the North American scene.

Dyrus saying goodbye to Chaox.

The casters mess around now but the players don’t, a sad tradeoff. So you could spend the whole game running around as a permanent mobile pink ward.

A Leader…

Except it was a potion seasob drank and until you died you had oracales. I’m still waiting for someone to post the.

I mean I completely understand that the scene was new and not very structured, but I think even chaox knew that it is a job and he has to work to keep playing in the organization. He inspired an entire generation of players, analysts and writers, including myself, to work in eSports and help improve and develop our community.