There had better be a season 3, for real, because I have serious questions and it better pick up where this left off:. I managed to get a few screencaps where the blood looked a touch more aesthetically pleasing, but these were few and far between, and were undeniably less beautiful than the blood in Season 1. Blood in the lab where he supposedly saw Bad Blood feeding, it showed Red Eyes as the one who was there and started chasing him. She sees Red Eyes walk past, and follows him into an abandoned courtyard. This year, there were huge stretches where Tae-yeon was offscreen, just reacting to stuff. So, yeah, Tae-yong’s about to become a dad

Tae Yeon also uses his new founded abilities as a Vampire to prosecute powerful persons normally thought above the law. I hope they let Jung In turn vampy, since that would let her understand Tae Yeon better hence the bigger sparks in their romance. Come on writer-nim, we want our bromance! Lee Young Ah didn’t want to be back? A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Vampire Prosecutor 2 Favorite. Thanks for the recap. A verification email has been sent to your new email address.

I haven’t watched a single episode so I maybe wrong. Jo outside, and Tae-yeon glares as Red Eyes just smiles calmly.

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Jessica June 14, at Prosecutot dont really care about the size as long as I can download and watch. Everything was shiny and had this other-world quality to it. Please let there be a 3rd season!!! Just swing by the Pacific Northwest.

The “Danger” ending theme. Red Eyes lies that he already killed her, and Soon-bum just about goes crazy with rage. Going off with a blast literaly You guys have the best sense of humor. And what, keep his blood packs next to her juice packs in the fridge?


You will receive a link to create a new password via email. I usually love police procedurals, where the team solves crime together, and while the case is serious, the team dynamics are fun.

Uh-oh, her suspicion-dar is pinged. He grabs the pen on the table, and raises it to stab like a pen knife. Why did red eye mention yeon-yi as “his sister” to Dr Jo?

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I just want more Red Eyes and maybe now we will get some. I will be so sad when the remaining 3 episodes airs.

At the same time, I’m glad others enjoyed it and that I’m in the minority. Since 88 1 had lrosecutor introduced us to our characters and built the team, Season 2 had lots of room to add meat to those bones, and really flesh out our characters and their relationships for us.

Dong-man races out of the office to join them, when Red Eyes grabs him by the throat down the hallway, and throws him on top of the pile of guards he left behind. The entire thing seemed rushed to me. Stop giving away your feelings to the bad guy.

I actually watched yesterday without any subs German timebecause I was anticipating it soo much and the finale left me trembling, crying Dr. As he runs out, we get a flashback to the moments following Dr.


It’s actually an episode for him to relax,well, sort of relax a bit which is great!! Can we get this guy a bell? Was it ever revealed how Soon-Bum learned that Tae-yeon was a epixode He throws her down next to Tae-yeon, and adds another carrot to the deal: Hotbar has something else medically-speaking that can make Red Eyes weaker.

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Omg please don’t kill Runa, Dr. And watching the last moment of the victim was cool. As Tae-yeon shakes hands with the other boss, Narrator tells us that Soon-bum is bristling at this side of Tae-yeon, acting as the face-saving leader, and shoots him a look.

How and from where.

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They did this last season too – they’d spend over half the series on little piddly unrelated cases, and then cram a ton of plot into the last few. But he was a vampire! Ooops, forgot about Runa. Jo starts the season as a pretty mysterious presence, but over time, gains the trust and affection of our main foursome and eventually becomes a bona fide full-fledged member of the team.

It made me laugh.