You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. The story focuses on the family of Gulistan Khan, a cruel man who rules his family with an iron will and wields considerable influence in the area where he lives. Start your free trial. The reactions are very strange and definitely not something I have been able to relate to. There was no background story to this track therefore this proposal came and went without any impact. Nadia Afghan and the actor playing the role of Ghulam Rasool have breathed life into their respective characters.

Dur e Shahwar explains that she worked hard to earn her husband’s love and proceeds to recount the hardships she went through in the early years of her marriage. It is nothing out of the ordinary but it definitely keeps giving you something to look forward to. I must say though that for someone who shops all the time Farisa surely does not have much to show for! Everything about this track was extremely pleasant throughout this episode except for the way it ended! Mansoor old Samina Peerzada If it wasn’t for the play Durr-e-Shahwar she wouldn’t have started writing! This may take a second or two.

It is always great watching actors and directors step out of their comfort zones to make these dramas more realistic.

She refuses to work every time she has a fight with KK! What surprises me is that although Rana hates Adeel and Adeel looks down upon Rana but somehow both durrr them still manage to disappoint each other!

Asfand failed Sadia and Nimra tonight when he let Naila go on about his begairti and how episods wife was using him in front of Nimra. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them to detail.

Dur e Shahwar

Watching Shehrnaz cry for Sherry few episodes back and now for KK in these recent episodes has completely ruined this character for me. I have always liked Farhan Saeed as Arsh even when he was very annoying, I had a problem with the character dramx but never dudr the acting.


You must dramma a 111 user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Ahad Raza Mir has also given a steady performance especially given the fact that this is his first play.

Dur e Shahwar old Seemi Raheel If it wasn’t for the play Durr-e-Shahwar she wouldn’t have started writing! Udaari TV Series It has two story lines, of Dur e Shahwar title character and her daughter, Shandana.

For Chandni this is betrayal but Salar feels that his mother is xurr unfair to Sammi. Ramiz is not going to give up on Haya because it is quite apparent that he is fully convinced that she is the only girl who he would want to marry.

This episode covered a great deal and there were plenty of scenes involving all the characters. Rana hates Adeel and expects the worst from him for obvious reasons but even then she seems shagwar and shocked when she hears Adeel talking to a girl on the phone. This may take a second or two. Watching Hadiqa Kiyani judging her own singing was funny ; It is impossible to say who was the star of the show tonight because everyone performed so well.

If Haya and Ramiz get married without Haya ever telling him that she loved someone at some point then I will be very disappointed. Ramiz made is quite clear that he does not even care if Haya does not feel anything close to love for him as long as she does not have feelings for anyone else.

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Sadia questioning Draama about his feelings for her was the best scene tonight. Asfand is sensitive and receptive but he is not as smart as it seemed like he would be.


Sara is Ashar’s childhood friend and believed she would marry Ashar. I also appreciate the fact that due to the locations and the get-ups the drama has a very real feel to it. I love the fact that the writer is constantly reinforcing the fact that it is absolutely unacceptable to force a woman into a nikkah.

It was sad to see someone like Rana, who is supposedly very wise and who knows her husband so well blaming a girl in such a situation. I am also happy that Zebu does not need shhawar suffer in silence any more. These two are the perfect match, two people who truly complete each other but it remains to be seen what how their track develops in the upcoming episodes. More articles by Fatima Awan.

Bushra Ansari just like all the previous episodes made her presence felt. On the other hand, every time he takes a stand for his wife and daughter, his sisters get offended.

More articles by Fatima Awan. Alvida — Episode 11 22 Apr, The reactions are very strange and definitely not something I have been able to relate to.

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Do share your thoughts about it. It has two story lines, of Dur e Shahwar title character and her daughter, I’m not a fan of Dramas, started watching this since a friend had recommended and absolutely loved it. It was shocking watching Rashid considering this option to please his mother. So far, Asfand has not overreacted to anything therefore it is highly likely that this situation too will be handled wisely by him.