Ase maegi izzi char. Me zisosh, zhey jalan atthirari anni. WordPress theme based on Mystique by digitalnature. The Dothraki and Valyrian forums has been receiving an unprecedented level of spam as of late. WIFE 2 To live out her days with the widows of dead khals. As for what was kept in, I was quite pleased with the first line, given below:. Vezh fin saja rhaesheseres!

And your father, Jorah the Andal? For the second premiere event, the place was packed. Are you the only one? Dothgirl-V I want penpals to study dothraki with. Probably pronounced a little differently. Just why does he want her around? Then we have this word iddelat. No one will touch you, you have my word.

Somehow it seems like the present does a better job of that than the future. So episose something like this would seem appropriate as Drogo as watching to Dothraki fight. Me avvirsae ilek moroa. Ti mae k’asi, che Khal Drogo anesa valzerikh.

But yeah, back to Game of Thrones. So, if you want to train your ddialogue using Dothraki Dograki? Vo mawizzi, vo alegri. And your father, Jorah the Andal?

He a warrior also?

Dothraki dialogue from the TV series.

And, there you have it! Yer et jin zhey maegi. I cogitated for a bit, and I came up with something good. The khaleesi is coming.


One thing I picked up dothdaki from the book, though, is the preference for names stressed on the second syllable. A short bit, but we see a couple of rare things in here. In addition to moderating a couple panels, I got to meet up with our very own khaleesi Daenerys and her boyfriend Crown of Gold.

Me vastoe hatif anni; ahhazaan yer nemo vacchaki.

Would they short change it and give him a tiny dorhraki on the cheek that no one would even notice in real life? Going to write this to take eposode mind off things. Qvaak on May 05, Me asta meme azirissee khalakkaes khaleesisoon ma vannevae mae shafkea.

Just how many words can a dog remember, anyway? I mean, there was some heavy graddakh in this episode. Jin chiorisi zafra ajjin, majin kisha ataki morea ven me vallayafa kisha.

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On seeing it, Irri bursts into tears, saying: I have claimed many daughters this day so they cannot be mounted. You probably already had it. I heard that your father was a famous warrior. Mori astish memori nem achomoe hash mori viddee Mayes Zhavvorsi.

We move to the where Drogo is at the Lhazareen village: I also suggested that the entire line could be in English, and they went with that, which I think makes sense.


Anha zigerek yeroon lajat ajjin. Otherwise, we might as well be dogs. Blood of my blood. Anyone want to take me on in bowling? Affin me drivoe, me vosi.

Anha afichak mae m’arakhoon! We open on a scene with Dany and Doreah giving food to my good friend and trusted advisor Bitey, shown below: Zhey Mago, anha fothraki vos ale. Things in [brackets] are added by me when a word is left out by the actor that should have been there for the sentence to make sense gramatically or stylistically or fialogue when making an editorial comment within a sentence.

Atte yer eth addrivi anna.

I will say this, though: Ador finaan khal nevasoe If Dothraki ride on into the Night Lands Rhaeshi Ajjalani when their body is burned, then not doing so is the equivalent of causing their oakah to fall from their horse—which, in Dothraki terms, is about as bad as bad gets.