The police calls and tells urmi that damini sinha has escaped and with the service revolver of one of their officers. On the otherside, Samrat and his recent girl friend go to the hotel to get the evidence by which James is threatening them. She says that she has already intereferd and that noone can save the house, and the family shall be finished today. Asha negi 26th Sep – 4: Urmi , Shaurya , Diya did went through alot. All are shocked and wonder what to do. You can decide to make it visible only to you or to a restricted audience.

Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Then he teases her by setting her back on her feet, and his eyes boring into her, while she shys away. Branding your topics will give more credibility to your content, position you as a professional expert and generate conversions and leads. I am so disappointed. She shouts that I hate you Mr. Naina 27th May – 1: Urmi is very happy to hear about it all from tauji and tells him that now she should come.

I am so disappointed. Samrat tries to cover up, but mandira too says that shaurya is right. I am disappointed as there were no romance between shaurya and diya as per our expectations.

SA 28th Sep – Shaurya comes in front of diya to save her. Shaurya and others are shocked. They all run under tree. Thank you zee tv. Pari sees a glowing tree and says that is their kawach.


Anirudh meanwhile signals urmi something, while damini spills oil around the brother and sister. Season 3 of this show ended very fast? Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Twitter. Im sure all of u agree with me im sooooo upset. Natasha says what if they die there. It Was a wonderful episode!!


Naina 27th May – 1: I will badly miss this show …? She begins to go, but he holds her back yet again and brings hjer close to himself, with her back against writtfn chest. She takes out her pistol hidden till now, behind her. Anirudh and ishaani, and shaurya come.

Doli Armaanon Ki 7 February Episode | Boltounsa

No one cud have done it better than mohit malik!!!! They should have even leap it a few months later and threw a grand happy party to end it.

Ishaan and Urmi visit the doctor who tells them that the pill is actually a painkiller only prescribed to adults. Samrat says that they were coming with families, and the presence of a wife was essential. Sad to see urmi n shaurya go. RV loses his balance as he moves back. Why should I brand my topic? Pradol 25th Sep – Manjulika thinks how can they escape, Rajbeer must have got superpowers. She tests by throwing black power on Pari and Pari feels it. Welcome, Login to your account.


Samrat tries to make it sound funny, while asking her to go to shaurya. A password will be e-mailed to you. He tells samrat that urmi is equally responsible for his feats, as he may just claim outside.

By Rimjhim On May 26, She says that she has indeed turned mad and had every reason to become like this. Dharma says you may be defeated but real victory is that you got to tell your thoughts to such great people and your brother must have worked hard too so he won, Ashok says i am not sad that i lost to my brother, i didnt want to win for myself but for Siamak. Bindua says ok i will ask aakramak to prepare for your journey.