She gets tensed and makes an excuse that they are gold earrings. Meanwhile, samrat is super furious at the step that urmi has taken in retaliation, and decides that now he would show her how much she means and what she is worth of. They sit for coffee. But then is shocked to find him without any colour. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Samrat tells them to mind their business and asks to leave. Shashi says that these are garage keys, and instead taking them, gives her the trunk keys. She asks her not to bother.

He asks if she isnt feeling sleepy with the lack of sleep. Finding samrat busy in TV, urmi dons a shawl thinking that she would give this to trisha along with food. She turns to find a coffee table set for her there, in the middle of the road, just like she had demanded, and askshow did sdhe like this gesture of his. The screen freezes on her face. She is tensed, and says that she cant do this, in front of so many people. But tani says that anirudh would have given her hefty dowry which she demands now.

I say to you what God bless no man curse.

Doli Armaanon Ki 14th March Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

As she hesitatingly speaks, Urmi surprises samrat when she asks him what had gone wrong with ishaan in Goa. She armxanon samrat who hastily rushes out. While samrat is downstairs eating grapes, he finds shaurya coming back from school, and tries to tease him to talk to him.

For someone who was so in love and waited 10 years for Urmi to marry him, Ishan character is pretty blonde right now. Anirudh wishes him the best of luck, and he too reciprocates back.

They ask her where is she going, and shashi tells them that she is going to her home. Those who are evil never pay for their wrong doings, either they die or nothing happens to them.

But tani match that anirudh would have given her hefty dowry which she demands now. Shashi says that these are garage keys, and instead taking them, gives her the trunk keys. Samrat starts shouting and hollering at everyone in his residence, while they all are confused at his overexuberant display of enthusiasm and ask him the reason for it.


On last moment, he takes gun back from them. This show really has taken a turn for the worse…downhill all the way. He says that he does. He cancels the phone. Livina 13th Mar – 8: The entire family is shocked and angered, as the wind gets knocked out of her, and urmi stands shocked beyond belief.

Shashi tensedly asks her to shut up. And has the marriage been consummated?? Tani acting is very childish and immatured. He cups her face and asks if she doubts. She tries to say that she heard the writtne of his car and hence came running outside. She starts thinking, macrh he says that he should have his own venture, of a hotel.

Like 0 Dislike 0. There is much merriment and fun going on. We as Indians are always making the mother in laws so bad and how long will we show the world that Indian mother in law are witches. Saroj says that she feels like that. But he doesnt let her go. Police Training Acafrmy As trisha steps out of the academy, she again finds the same guy waiting for her, and expresses her frustration at armwanon.

Ishaan asks her to behave with urmi. She says that he too doesnt need to be so rude. He asks her to look ahead.

I say to ZEEplease close shop if the writers do no improve as it appears that their imaginations are in a stationary mode. We are suckers and we should be given more respect instead being treated like kids!! I feel if i meet the writers of these soap i would stone them with rotten eggs……. They sit for coffee. He says that given his will, he would have given her all the happiness in the world.

Beintehaa 19th March Written Episode Update. Page 1 of 1. Like 0 Dislike 0. The important thing is to enjoy what they both have to offer each other for the first time.

Diwaker tells how he had handed her to urmi. He asks why does this happen to trisha only.


Aemaanon says that she works enough, and that the nights are for the husband and he wont ever let go of that. He tells urmit o take her, so that mandira might just silence. Anirudh however stands for urmi, saying that the family should be together, irrespective of the place.

When we see Samrat correcter made us to think woman life better off without man. These types of scripts just promotes evil and wrong doings. She eyes the key holder, and wonders which of them is the garage key. Urmi says that its a huge investment and they cant make it in a snap of a second.

He composes himself and commenst on her investigative nature, and proclaiming her rights unnecessarily, citing them for being hios wife, and asks her not to repeat the drama. Samrat is getting dressed, when urmi comes.

Doli Armaanon Ki 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Writers, this is an injustice to everyone especially the young, vulnerable minds. Page 1 of 1. He tells her that mandira is crying endlessly, and kanchan too isnt well and needs sleep. She is speechless and says that he is totally mad. Amanda you have to forgive those writers I think they are all amateurs and hence the reason why they write shitty scripts they seem to be fumbling about what to write one script after the other what they need to do is bring in the professionals but I think it is their pride that they are trying hard to preserve and that is why they not taking heed of our daily comments but do not worry the amount of crap they epsode writing especially where samrath is concerned soon they would wake up and blow him straight out writen the water then Ishaan urmi and shauyra would have a happy life together.