I wish people don’t come out of this feeling like they understand teenage girls, when this is just one particular girl’s experience. Minnie begins to sleep with more boys her own age but is disappointed and disillusioned to find that they make fun of her with their friends. I was on the set quite a bit. She stops taking drugs and drinking for two months and starts to attend school. This book is triggering in many ways: Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. Gloeckner has an amazing voice and you are exactly in a teenager’s head.

The Diary of a Teenage Girl offers a searing comment on adult society as seen though the eyes of a young woman on the verge of joining it. This book should be included in first-aid kits so that in case someone accidentally ingests poison, this book can be used to induce vomiting. No teenager or woman should read this book and think anything about what she went through is ok or typical. Unfortunately, I don’t think she’d be outraged or disgusted or protective. Selling her comics and zines on the beach, Minnie runs into Monroe. She racks up a number of boys and men that she sleeps with in a fairly short about of time.

I find myself really disgusted by these narratives that allow men to prey of younger girls in these modern teen romances.

Were you hesitant about handing over the rights to your story for stage and now, film? She experiments with drugs and alcohol.

We should provide as safe an environment as we can, and tell our kids and adolescents we love them. I’ve spent teenge lot of time teebage Marielle, and I’ve answered her questions diwry dug up old photos and drawings and read script drafts.

I’m going to have to find someone else for you to go to. I was fucking pissed off about what happened to me, and I needed to correct it for myself by writing this book. Although I am the source of Minnie, she cannot be me – for the book to have real meaning, she must be all girls, anyone Gloeckner denies either of those extremes stating she was a sexually cognizant and eager participant.


What am I going to do with you girls?

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You could also use it as an aid to help give up men. August 13, 2: A few years ago I saw that he was on Facebook. Her style tefnage a unique combination of prose, illustration and short comics. I’m so glad I read this. Equally disturbing and compelling. The boyfriend, unable, unwilling, or incapable of acting like a responsible adult I wonder if the shit ever grew up – somehow, I doubt ittook advantage of ciary willing situation, that is, Gloeckner’s willingness placed in front of him. For example, there is a moment in movvie Minnie describes how her personality and sexuality make her feel uncomfortable in her world.

Thayer, Room Osterman Common Room. So no matter what she was feeling, there was reinforcement from those around us, like “Big Phoebe and Little Phoebe, they’re just two peas in a pod, they’re almost the same age.

Retrieved May 5, Whitney Joiner of Salon. Of course it has to be little with the typical cliches of excessive teenage drug use and a hyper promiscuous nature. This is not a read for the faint of heart – but it’s poignant.

Aa the Berlin International Film Festivalthe film won the Grand Prix of Generation 14plus section for best feature-length film. I chose this book because it sounded edgy and interesting and like it might touch on some universal topics that adolescent girls deal with that nobody likes or wants to touch on normally.


A ‘Diary’ Unlocked: A Teenage Coming-Of-Age Story Put On Film : NPR

There’s nothing visually interesting, and I’m at a loss to why some of this is in comic form and why some is written text, besides the sheer fact the author being an artist. In many ways, Minnie doesn’t have the capacity to say, “Whoa! By the end, I felt so angry at the adults who should’ve been protecting Minnie. In many ways, this book is “about” me. Jennifer Howell The Art of Elysium.

Second, the artistic component of this novel is, frankly, gloeckneer. It’s not at all enjoyable but it’s powerful. Afterwards, we lay quietly beside one another on the bed. Minnie is unashamedly herself. She runs away with Tabatha who gives her roofies and allows her to be raped in exchange for pills. Marielle Heller A writer, director and actress, Marielle Heller played the role of Minnie in her theater adaptation of The Diary of a Teenage Girland later wrote and directed the film adaptation.

Not rating this What can I say about a book which both made me deeply distressed, un-comfortable, and at times nauseated but was also the most visceral portrayal of one young woman’s teenage experience I’ve ever read? This book is worth the read.

Lists with This Book. She tells Monroe he must marry her daughter and Monroe agrees though Minnie thinks the idea is ridiculous.