Conrad keeps his word and releases the woman. A groups of Mediterranean corsairs pirates , led by Conrad, Birbanto, and the slave Ali are caught at sea in a fierce storm. Yuri Slonimsky and Pyotr Gusev Set design: Reunited again, Conrad shows his hideout to Medora, promising her all his treasures and possessions. Lankendem, who has witnessed the conflict, strikes a deal with Birbanto and his friends – in exchange for his freedom, he informs them of a potion that, when sprinkled on a flower, can immideiately induce sleep. Pasha’s palace is visited by pilgrims. The Pasha soon makes his offer, but is soon outbid by an unknown trader, who is Conrad in disguise. Conrad then awakes, and he and Ali vow to save her once again.

Danse des Forbans “Dance of the Pirates”. Schedule for Le Corsaire ballet in three acts with a prologue and epilogue Extract from the ballet “Le Corsaire”. Free Newsletter Ballet Home. The other young girls ask Medora to intercede with Conrad so that they may return to their own villages. A pirate ship sails across the high seas, captained by our hero Conrad and his faithful pirate crew: The Pasha buys her immediately. A patrol of Turkish traders, in league with the villainous slave dealer Lankandem, are hunting for beautiful woman to sell as slaves.

The tricky trader Isaac sells his foster-daughter – the beautiful Greek girl Medora to a lascivious man of wealth, Pasha Seyd. The Pasha buys her synlpsis. Their pilgrims’ robes hide Conrad and Birbanto – both Medora and Gulnare recognise them. This production was mounted especially for the benefit performance of Pierina LegnaniPrima ballerina assoluta of the Synoosis.

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Synopsis Prologue A pirate ship sails across the high seas, captained by our hero Conrad and his sjnopsis pirate crew: They rescue Medora and Gulnare. Meet the principal cast View by Date Performer.


Synoosis she is taken away, Medora is brought in, looking so beautiful that Seid Pasha is prepared to pay any price for her. Profile Basket Order History. Swords and daggers twinkle in the air – and Medora together with Gulnare are safely in the hands of their beloved men.

Lankendem shows off all of the fruits of his travels from foreign lands, and though he extols the beauty of captive maidens from Palestine and Algeria, the Pasha is not interested. Le Corsaire Quick Facts: Conrad keeps his word and releases the woman. Petersburg by Emperor Alexander II. But soon the women become aware of impending danger, and quickly hide the corsairs. Medora’s friends ask her to share her sadness with them, and reveal the significance of the bracelet that she always wears.

Seid Pasha and his retinue, accompanied by slave trader Lankendem arrive at the market. This page was last edited on 1 Decemberat He is carried, accompanied by Gulnara, to his chambers. Conrad and Medora’s eyes meet and the world ceases to exist. A new character was also included—known as the slave Ali—a role which evolved out of the Slave who took part in Le Corsaire pas de deux in early Soviet productions of the full-length work at the Mariinsky Theatre.

For this production Petipa assisted Perrot in rehearsals, and even revised a few of the ballet’s key dances. synopsie

Le Corsaire

Lankedem has observed this conflict of opinions and, in exchange for his freedom, he offers Birbanto a potion which will induce a heavy sleep when administered. This was the first production of the full-length work to include Vaganova’s revision of Le Corsaire pas de deux as staged for Dudinskaya’s graduation performance. Synopsis ACT I An Eastern bazaar – a hubbub of people and sights at the times when the Mediterranean Sea was governed by the proud and merciless corsairs – the Mediterranean pirates!

For this revival, Petipa also extracted a pas de deux, the Pas d’esclave, from Duke Peter Oldenbourg’s score to Petipa’s ballet La Rose, la violette et le papillon. Act I Scene 1: Conrad, who has secretly made his way into the palace of Seid Pasha, finds Medora. Scene 3 A lively Garden Conrad dreams of a magical flower garden where he and Medora are happy and carefree. In the winter ofGranztow was invited to perform with the Imperial Ballet in St. Le Corsaire International Tour.


You can pay tickets by: Modifications of the music-score by Maria Babanina. The Pasha soon makes his offer, but is soon outbid by an unknown trader, who is Conrad in disguise.

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Scene 2 At the Grotto Returning to the grotto, where the Corsairs are staying Conrad, dreaming of Medora, falls asleep. They carry Medora away, seize Lankedem, and make off to sea.

The Slave Market Amidst the bustle and barter the wealthy Seid Pasha turns up at the slave market to purchase beautiful young slave women for his harem. Mariinsky II New Theatre. Conrad suddenly spies Medora peering from a balcony, and she throws Conrad a rose as proof of her feelings towards him. The Corsairs are the last to leave. Medora and Conrad leave the palace synopsi Gulnara, who has managed to gain access to Seid Pasha, successfully executes her plan.

Grigorovich’s production was then taken out of the repertory after the director left the company in Lankendem then offers Codsaire a bouquet of flowers to give to Conrad. The full-length Le Corsaire was not synopsiw again by the Kirov Ballet untilwhen Oleg Vinogradov the Kirov Ballet’s artistic director from staged Pyotr Gusev’s version.