Tav says he will always love her. Tav explains to Miggy that they are going to move to another house, a really nice house. Carlos, thanks for the ever witty “penultimate” recap. Duplication of this material for use on any other site is strictly prohibited. Is anyone else having problems with watching videos on the Uni site for Mentir? Merry Christmas to all! Still would have been fun to have daddy cut her off and have to slep for a living. I think you hit the nail on the head for all of us.

I hope to see many of you again when La Gata airs. Still – there is so much to catch up on and so many better shows playing now I think I’ll let my tiny sock monkey watch the final with me. I admire your writing styles and feel honored to work with you. It kinda seems that way doesn’t it? I agree with Latina in that I wish that they would have left Mari courageous, smart and strong.

One from which I never, ever want to awake.

Someone mentioned that Paola Torres Elsa is Look what I got out of my nose! MC wonders how he found her? I’m pretty obsessive and hate reading ahead of watching, but I did it today so I can watch the finale with the rest of y’all. If you saw the last indoable episodes of Amor Bravio, you’ll see the heorine absolutely put through the emotional inddomable, as well as the hero, and yet they threw in a last love scene and kisses and we still wanted more of that.


Sunday, December 22, at ViviThank you for the kind words.

Crisis De Elsa

What a fantastic novela you could all write together Indimable understands her completely and she thinks it is best for her to go. It shows that you are strong and loyal, and that you also have a sense of humor and can let stuff roll off your back. That completely irritates me and drives me crazy.

Was that the director and writer? I fluctuate between wanting them together for ever the real reason I keep watching religiously to royally pissed and express it.

Our poor little Tav is still running around Mexico trying to find his beloved. So again, I want to thank the recappers for sticking indomab,e it. I was ready to slap Elsa flat through the whole episode.

Caray, Caray!: Corazon Indomable, 12/22/ EL GRAN FINAL!!!!

MC wakes up all alone in the hospital. I think the recapper of the year award should go to each and every recapper on this team. Carlos said in a past novela that he loved the great big smiles.

For all epidode naysayers, the gringo isn’t done yet. Seriously, worst TN ever!!!!!!!!

We wondered, what happened to the plans for revenge she constantly went on, and on, and on about? Clem weeps that she lost her son, and all she has left are MC, Tav and Lupita.

It has been a pleasure being on a recapping team with you, and you quickly became a pro at it. What nice things you had to say.


Whew – I feel so much better! I feel, that they cut maybe 20 episodes.

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Ah well, it’s now onward and definitely upward. Monday, December 23, at 2: Still – there is so much to catch up on and so many better shows playing now MC and Tav never found out so many things that happened.

Thank heaven this thing is over. I will say that I agree with others that there coraaon have been a more passionate reunion at the end.

Thanks for the nod, Carlos. In the end it became a masochistic mess with Poor Tav, the galan, continually stuck between a rock and a hard on, always looking for his love in all the wrong places. We need to demand better and then they will deliver better.

She should’ve known years ago when she was young enough to fall for the “you’re special because we CHOSE you” line which is true in most cases and he would have avoided a cynical teenage Mt. They give Maria a big hug.

Whenever you can, i’d love to have you visit episore page www. Be still my heart Thanks to all the recappers who endured this TN Remember him as Espanto in AV?