I Agree with many points in this video but i think you were too subjective to the classics more than anything else, many films in each genre are best for there times, new and old. Archived from the original on July 28, However, I also like seeing clips. The Rotten Tomatoes Show: For other people named James Rolfe, see James Rolfe disambiguation. And I cant wait for this years Monster Madness.

Getting killed by the alien horror, or having your identity as an individual obliterated. Angry Video Game Nerd. Gonna have to agree with Nerdcast about 28 Days Later. He eventually took classes for hand-drawn animation at a university. Okay, having watched I hadnt gotten to your choice for Vampire flick when I posted my thought , you totally need to do a followup! Sega Genesis, Atari

Night of the Living Cinemaesacre Best Alien movies: This is a story not about the zombies, but about people, and how people respond when they are frightened. I did not care for 28 days later, and the remake of day of the dead was one of the most pathetic excuses for a zombie movie ever, but land of the dead, rsmakes of the dead, zombie diries, and basically all other zombie films have been bad.

The music used in his work was from the Black Sabbath single ” Heaven and Hell “. ShadowkhNinja ShadowkhNinja 6 years ago 9 Oddark posted Guess the only one is the Brendan Frasier remake not the sequels!

Mars Attacks, like Shaun, managed to out-perform Independance Day on the action front while cibemassacre being funny and having a lot of heart.

For some reason it just feels like it was right to do Planet Terror in that grainy old crap quality but it just doesnt seem like it would have felt right to see Zombieland like that. He then tried femakes hand at action figures or puppets. Retrieved June 4, So, 30 days later IS actually a zombie movie. King Kong vs godzilla and turning universal monsters into the avengers are definitely not something I would be interested in.


Night of the Living Dead is the best of them all because the people in that film are completely believable. They began dating shortly after and were married in November The new version 1st one was pretty well done.

Other than that i love how this movie has a very dark ending and a very realistic one at that beacuse lets face it, if a massive zombie outbreak orrured there would be no hope.

Michael Keaton turned down the lead in “The Fly”. It would be so cool if in Skull Island, on the way there, Godzilla would make a cameo appearance. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I love these videos, but could you tell the ciccadas to be abit more silent? One of my favorite Vampire movies is Interview with a Vampire.

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Good choice here, as well. Rolfe was involved in a fifteen-part series titled OverAnalyzerswhere he played the part of the manager hoeror a fictional company that over analyzed various pop culture references.

Not sure if it qualifys as a classic dead flick but… I like Lucio Fulci movies right up there with Dario Argento. Archived from the original on March 19, Archived from the original on April 8, James Rolfe — In praise of a nerd”.

For those of you who are still interested in this topic look up Top Thirteen Horror Films That Should Be Remade, the guy never finsihed the list but he makes some good arguments and picks some good ones.

Not to be confused with Dr. One such book he wrote had a plot inspired by the video game The Legend of Horrkr Shaun of the Dead Best Alien Movie: Retrieved November 2, All-Time Best Werewolf in a werewolf movie: I agree with you on the Universal monster mash idea.


You do not want to be one. The box art is also awesome.

HorrorSindicate HorrorSindicate 6 years ago 7 James has a poor mostly monotone remakees voice. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Yeah, and the first ccinemassacre The Thing was awesome not that shitty remake from Now i like the remake but i felt the origonal was better, i thought american werewolf in london was ok, but i do agree with James and i would call it a werewolf sub genre beacuse i felt it was more comedy than horror. Near Dark Best Werewolf Movie: That was way better than the first one.

Gonna have to agree with Nerdcast about 28 Days Later. The first James Whale Frankenstein is awesome, and it honestly deserves a nod as the best, though as you said, bets many ways Bride of Frankenstein is better.

Top 5 Horror/Monster Movies Due for a Remake

Alien, Aliens Best Demon movies: Hydebecause it was the game he hated most. Honestly i have not seen many Frankinstine movies, i seen the origional, bride of frankinstine, and many little kid movies or other movies with frankinstine like creatures and remkes favorite of them is defenatly the origional. Init was announced that Rolfe was set to feature in cinemazsacre low-budget remake of Plan 9 from Outer Space entitled Plan 9[30] which was released through Video On Demand beginning February 16,[31] and then released on physical media in stores on January 5, Chris Stuckmann Movie Reviews: