Tommy replies instead that Seung-jo is not the easiest man to get to open his heart. Choi Ah-jung asks Secretary Moon out to have cake together. When he sees SK the way she really is now, he will have to decide for real whether to open his heart or not. P All those times Han Se-kyung ‘almost’ runs into the president of Artemis, her and Jean Thierry Cha arriving at the same time despite his elevator leaving first, him not even seeing her across from his elevator, the constant missed opportunities, the phone incident, Tommy Hong’s ability to always be in the prime position to listen into other peoples conversations even though he is clearly meters away Whichever she chooses, this series is better whenever comedy comes into play. And for this reason, not having any abroad studying experiences, she is often rejected by job interviewers. I have been loving this show up through episode 6, but the melo is making me nervous. Koreans on average upgrade their cell phones a yearly basis, so it’s an uber important status thing too.

Some people were forgot or didn’t read the premise I think. Alice in Cheongdam-dong Favorite. Count me in, O Leader of Angry Mob. My take is that we don’t have all the elements to understand her decision. Once it was settled, he asked if her feelings for Seung-jo were sincere. I can only hope that YJ will be there for Tommy Hong’s fall. Tommy and In-hwa continue to disgust me.

Cha Seung-jo bumps into his father, Cha ll-nam, and they have a very unhappy conversation. I’ll take PSH in any way, shape or form! Lixie December 26, at 3: The most beautiful song is the one yet to be sung. Seung Jo’s doctor friend had it right: It is one of those disillusioning discoveries for trophy wives.

So I certainly lack the experience and there are things I’ll never really know or understand until I am involved with someone, but there are things someone on the “outside” can alicee better than the people in a relationship and things that don’t depend on whether one has been romantically involved or cheongdan.

I hope they won’t let the angst going deeper and deeper! I understand completely episoode things are happening and the narrative purpose it serves.

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His doctor friend said, he was neither personae. I do agree with a lot of readers here on their pov. SJ needs to come down from the clouds, and see the reality of love. No wonder SJ is having trouble believing in love, it is sort of true in the town he lives in. Nice words, you said it all! I understand this, it’s true she doesn’t know it’s love for him or that he takes everything so serious and is just a very intense person, borderline crazy.


Archived from the original on Just as Seung-jo is ready to be honest and truthful with his feelings and identity, Se-kyung is choosing the antonym of these words — to be deceptive. The show was very clear on that, they went WAY overboard in showing us what sadness she had to elisode with because the lack of money, this was a all a big attempt to soften our reaction when she went black.

Even if the rest of sinopeis world is falling in love. He himself wishes for the future where the truth would be the easiest thing in the world.

A man with values. Love, she decided, made her weak. I wanna see him suffer soon!!!!!

Ok so my idea is the sk is going to have the same challange yoon joo episodr and instead of her actually leaving like yoon wlice she will decide to stay thats the only real way i can see her shine again in our sinopais. This was quite a heady episode, as I felt I went into a tailspin from melodrama to romantic comedy and back to melodrama in a quick eight episodes.

I do like this drama, but with this episode, my fondness for it is fading fast. Then decides cheoongdam rein her back in. However, if the relationship fpisode just a business, then only one thing was important — his wealthy background.

I too am liking Yoon Joo more than Se kyung now, and am wondering if that would have made a more compelling main character arc. Wish he had a bigger part. I would much rather see these two battle the other forces against them smartly then them battling each other, cause I feel like I have seen that in many other dramas. January 5th, sionpsis on!!! Count me in, O Leader of Angry Mob. Really hating the Tommy Hong character. I myself am surprised at how affected I was seeing SeKyung take that route and make that conscious decision to be manipulative and cunning.


I liked what Secretary Moon told Seung-jo: My attitude towards YJ has softened as I see her living with the pain of her life choices. Thanks for the recap and merry Xmas.

That’s my two cents. Of course, Yoon-joo is rattled at hearing this, especially since Min-hyuk finds this marriage helpful to them as a business.

I know this is already EP7, but I simply can’t get over having my two favorite actors staring as leads in the same drama.

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Not long ago, she was in a long-term loving relationship with someone who she sunopsis expected to marry, where all aspects of the relationship were fulfilling for her except their mutual lack of money, but from her perspective love was vastly more important to her than money. The doctor was my favorite in this episode. But Se-kyung has gone already, lost somewhere in the crowd. That’s the point of marrying a rich husband in SK: S-I-L might just be the penultimate villain.

With episofe like that I wonder if its scripted or PSH improvisation. Abbi Kay December 26, at 8: A customer has come to Artemis and complains that one of the bags she bought has detached spots on it.

[sinopsis] Cheongdam-dong Alice () | a little book of my life story..

Though this sucks to watch as a viewer, what is happening now does make sense narritvely. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process.

He will be sooooooo jaded when he finds out the truth. I believe people like Seung Jo’s father and the sister-in-law are the real culprits in this story, attempting to control others while carelessly pushing those with no claim to wlice and prestige to the edge.

Speaking of Se-kyung, she seriously annoyed the crap out of me in this episode. That only helps when people don’t fully understand what they’ve done.