Tapi untuk saat ini masih belum bisa digunakan. Awalnya sih, nggak mulus, tapi Authors are me and letterspluslovenotes. If Only by xxHimekaHoshinaxx reviews A series of fluffy oneshot that piece together a normal day in Karin Hanazono’s life. Do girls like her even come to boxing tournaments? If she does will she be a different person? Nick Creamer has the details.

She thinks it’s going to be the worse summer yet but will she regret it once she gets there and meet the son of the owner of Camp Dragneel? A Smexy gangster and a Geek with a hidden beauty? The last thing they would want is to be with an overprotective brother who is ready to destroy the door. But when he came back, he came with a short-haired girl, Lisanna. Tetapi sayangnya, 1 minggu sebelum hari pernikahan mereka Minato mengalami kecelakaan dan kehilangan ingatannya! Fall In Love with Me Again! Blind Date by babybuonarroti reviews Mira set Lucy up on a blind date, but Natsu doesn’t happen to be too fond of that idea. Simple Confessions by love-always-has-a-price reviews Natsu still can’t find the right words to tell Lucy how he feels, so maybe practicing while she is asleep will help?

Akankah pendidikan di Magnolia kembali normal? Will she say yes? Nalu Lenon, rated M for a reason, don’t like, don’t read! It soon ceritx clear that in order to move forward into the future, one ecrita has to confront the past. Is Lucy up for some passionate nights with Natsu or is she going to run for the hills? And yet they can’t be anywhere else but apart. Will she still be a fan or something more?


Someone who will sacrifice herself and protect Fiore; and Fairy Tail she once loved the most. But it was still a school for rich kids.

Forgotten Melody by Mayumi Selnia reviews After being gone for 4 years, Kirari Tsukishima, a famous idol, finally returned. K reviews Chapter 7 Update!

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Switch and Chuma leave Himeko and Bossun alone, knowing the effect of the drug. Let’s become famous by Skeamstroke reviews Lucy Heartfilla always wanted to be invisible, to stay in the shadows. Completely from Natsu’s point of view regarding the ball, the dance, and especially the weirdo stellar mage.

Forgetful Lucy by Whip and Fangs reviews During a mission, Lucy encountered an accident which caused her life to change forever. Tapi sekarang dirasuki oleh roh jelmaan dewa yang selalu menyertai dewi Athena dan dewa Appolo berperang zaman dahulu. Let’s not forget about a certain warning given to Lucy by Karin Hanazono is an ordinary year-old girl who becomes depressed after the death of her parents and her last companion, her pet cat Shii-chan- near the beginning of season 1.

But what will happen if a girl suddenly appeared on Lucy’s apartment claiming that she is their daughter? Can he get the old Lucy back, or is she gone for good?

Rika says that their current power weren’t enough to destroy the seed. Anything up to season 2, episode 6 is fair game for spoilers.


Lucy quits Fairy Tail but comes back with 2 other mage. What started out as a little fan fiction reading group turned out to be something else.

Kazune agrees to help Karin study, but she must not only deal with his study sessions, but the Kazune-Z and Kirio as well. Accidentally in love by LaynaPanda reviews Natsu Dragneel—the most popular singer and model all around the world meets Lucy while running from his fans.


Rated T for language and suggestive content. The first one came into the stores on June 24, Karin learns that if she is one of the bottom twenty on the next test, she’s going to be kicked out of Sakuragaoka.

And when he had a chance he just let it past? Also, Kirika was not a part of the original story.

It’s a kind of sweet but extremely sour lemon for all you Nalu fans out there. Please read and review! Multichapter Lemons randomly strewn about beach vacation great story! Natsu and Lucy share a tent and Lucy goes out for a while.

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