Beauty is in the eye of the judges at Glamorous Beauties for three gorgeous contestants: Retrieved from ” https: Madison keeps her mom on her toes with her unpredictable behavior. Like Cassadee’s mom, Torrann’s mom was also a pageant girl. During Penny’s prep before the pageant, the “Jack it to Jesus” comment came up. Don’t let the title fool you, because the boy division is fierce competition.

Samantha, 7 is a perfectionist who has big expectations. Newcomer, Taralyn, 4, and her mother, Traci, work extra hard for this pageant since she is competing against her rival, pageant pro Faith, 5. Unfortunately, one of the judges noticed a bit too much and said she looked fake. Every show needs a Connie. It must be their vertical “exercise pole” that gives them all the edge over the rest of the competition! The stage is set for a serious competition. Torrann does what she wants, when she wants.

Her biggest competition is the spunky Traven, 6, who wows the audience with his performances. Torrann Torrann, 7, pronounced like torrent without the T at the end was next. America’s Genuine Jewel Pageant. At the Epislde of the Stone Age pageant in Charlotte, NC, will all 3 girls meltdown or make it to stage, or will their dads save the day?

Cariah, 4, Alyssa, 5, and Jordan 9, compete in Reno, Nevada. Three girls and their coach moms from Perfection Studios face off: Competing against her is fellow islander Jessie, 9, who relies on her love for pageants and intense focus to bring her to the top. Then there’s Kinley, the happiest, cutest 3 year old who simply loves pageants! Lollipops and Gumdrops Pageant. Competing against her is Emily, 4, a local favorite and a strong contender for the top title. When Casadee’s mom called Cassadee out on cutting her own hair cassaeee likes it shorther mom and hairdresser were not happy.

Toddlers and Tiaras returns Tues, Sept 18 at 9 8c. Last year’s winner, Madison, 11, may not be the typical pageant girl but, with her mother’s guidance, tiarxs determined to keep her title. From top performances to constant tantrums, it’s anyone’s guess who takes home the crown! However, she has stiff competition in Aubrey, 10, a glitz girl who will do anything to win because after all, it hurts to be beautiful! It was full on Glitz, and the Pageant Moms were taking no prisoners. This classic pageant system in California never disappoints!


Selyse wanders off stage. These pageant dads are truly unforgettable! cassadeee

Egos clash as the moms argue about who needs to clean up the animal poop. But all eyes are on Payton, who at six years old, is hoping for a Grand Supreme title to mark his retirement from pageantry.

Crown Beauties

Daddy’s girl Ava, 3, attempts once again to live up to her father’s big dreams of success but Mia, 2, proves to be a showstopper. Taylor, 4, has been in training for weeks in order to prepare for her biggest pageant yet. Cassadee While I enjoyed this episode of Toddlers and Tiaras, I had to question a lot of the parents for how they named their kids.

The long shots vying for the title are a set of fraternal twins, AshLynn and Breanne, 6. Siblings Riley, 5 and Bob, 6, steal the show at Southern Celebrity Glitzmas pageant with their “fierce” drag queen moves!

A girl who would never lose has a lot to prove with her comeback attempt at the top title. Pageant mom Kelly throws a full glitz fit when she thinks her daughter Natalie, 2, has lost the pageant.

Think about your children, people! Also entering the competition is Sara, 4, who takes it to a new level with professional hair and makeup, and the Sprinkle Sisters, who are a triple threat to beat at ages 6, 8 and Diamonds are a girls’ best friend at the StoryBook Pageant in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania but chaos ensues for Kylie, 5, Trinity, 5, and Sienna, 4 when their score sheets are revealed.

Madison keeps her mom on her toes with her unpredictable behavior. epidode

Her biggest competition is the spunky Traven, 6 who wows the audience with his performances. Coming all the way from the mainland is Arizonian Lindsay, 7. Toddlers and Tiaras, once again, brought us screaming kids during toddles Crown Beauties pageant in Arkansas. Torrann wanted some attention and sat around sulking in her curlers. Marmaduke, Arkansas draws a big crowd for the Babes of Summer pageant.

Mom insists on tanning Torrann because she says that even though Torrann’s biracial, she’ll be whiter than the white girls if not tanned. Distracted Bailey goes up against Daddy’s girl Riley and Kelsie who gets a mayonnaise treatment on her hair; a mother is banned.


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Then, huntress and pageant princess Arianna, 5, also counts on her grandmother and props from her pageant trailer to take her routines over the top. Destiny’s mom has pushed her credit cards to the limit; Camari needs to bring her best to outshine Sami-Jo. Hot on Eden’s heels is Janene, 5, whose mother Jeannie has made it her pageant mission to beat Eden, even buying one of Eden’s old beauty dresses! Monday, January 2, Toddlers and Tiaras: It’s a pageant where anything can happen and any girl can win!

There is only one cash prize at stake. She cried before she went onstage for beauty, but she made up for it by performing her routine perfectly onstage. Little princess Paige, 4, does some unusual preparation with a chiropractic adjustment.

She looked a bit vacant, like she was just going through the motions, but that’s probably pretty standard for girls her age. Meet little diva Janeyah, 3 and her eposode moms. Riley, 5, is not your typical pageant girl; she is just as comfortable wrestling as she is parading in her beauty dress. Newcomer Sparkal, 7, takes to the stage at her first glitz pageant.

Torrann was bummed that her eplsode, as a pageant coach for others who seemingly works for Alisha’s studio, had to spend time with other kids at pageants. At the Storybook Pageant Berkeley, 4 cassaede her routines down, but the morning of the pageant wakes up sick. Lola is cute, colorful and as sweet as candy in this Toddlers and Tiaras unseen routine. Beauty is in the eye of the judges at Glamorous Beauties for three gorgeous contestants: To her credit, she sneezed each time and kept going with her routine.

She’s not only beautiful, she’s been competing episodf winning pageants as long as the other girls have been alive!