Not an intention of fear of God or to appease God so that life is smooth for us. Compassion helps them to heal their sanskars. Not having expectations does not mean that we will not give instructions or corrections. People don’t insult us, they give their opinion. A silent mind silences other noisy minds. Acceptance means we are comfortable with their present sanskar and way of working and ready to work on it from the next moment i. The truth is if we are happy then the relationship will be beautiful.

Irrespective of environment and people, let us retain our original qualities, so that we will be comfortable and we will spread the fragrance around. When the scene in reality is different from the one on the mind, the mind perceives it as a loss, and we create pain. Criticism deepens their wounds and sanskars get stronger. Our thoughts, words and actions are the energy we send to people, which is our karma. They make us feel heavy. When someone is hurt they can follow our instruction but they are not feeling nice and hence we cannot say — it was for their good. Anger is an attack on the person, and also brings up the past.

Shivan someone has cheated or betrayed us, one option is to create hatred and carry it forward. If it happens any other way we will get disturbed, even if it is a better way. We can take care of our thoughts and actions, but finally others will create their own feelings and we should not feel guilty if others are creating pain. Separate the action from the person and give suggestion only for what eplsode have done.

I the soul am already peace, love, contentment. Our judgmental thoughts will travel to them and they start creating similar thoughts, and the process withim conflict has begun.

When there is a crisis we have the energy to face it with calm and stability. At that moment we don’t love them, we reject them.


Healer Within 2 – BK Shivani (English) Video

People don’t insult us, they give their opinion. God can never get angry with us. Always do it after we understand we are doing it for OUR happiness not for them.

When we choose to do something for others, it is because their happiness matters to us, it is important for our relationship, so we are actually doing it for ourselves.

Each soul is carrying sanskars of many births, created due to cultures and situations in every birth. When we do something for pleasing others, we do the act, but we create a lot of negative thoughts of stress, anxiety, unwillingness which reach the other person. Critique is giving feedback for the deed healwr criticism is thinking negatively for the doer.

It is a creation, it will pass.

To change a habit, first we have to create a new way of thinking. Sanskars which are not comfortable need to be changed, else we carry them into our next birth too. We may be comfortable being that way, but it is damaging if it is depleting our energy. We need to check our internal comfort zones of habits and behaviors created due to past experiences or affirmations made by people around us. Rajyoga Meditation means connecting to the Supreme Power, God and taking His powers and love to heal our blockages.

More than women men should see and understand. The criticiser creates emotions of rejection, anger, and fear of what if they don’t listen to me. Do not make the emotion your identity, like I am sad, I am aggressive. Once it is a habit, the mind does not create too many thoughts and the intellect does not evaluate, the habit comes into action automatically.

If we hate someone, when we leave the costume we carry the imprint of hatred, and when the two souls meet again they experience hatred. Shift from automated way of thinking to consciously choosing a new thought. They make us feel heavy. A powerful being is not the one who is able to control others, but the one who is able to control themselves.


Ahivani choose one value and then use it with everyone, everywhere and every time. A silent mind silences other noisy minds.

Healer Within 1 – BK Shivani (English)

Their happiness will always be dependent on the other person doing things their way. Irrespective of things happening outside, we consciously choose our feelings inside.

Early morning the absorption capacity of the mind is high, fill it with pure powerful information i. Sister shivani you have taught people how to be responsible When two people are in conflict inside, they cannot create harmony in the relationship. Do you have notes made to the Healer Within series too? Criticism deepens their episodde and sithin get stronger.

Awakening: GOING BEYOND – Synopsis of Episodes 1 to 25 ( BK Shivani & Suresh Oberoi)

Subtle way of controlling people is when we change our behavior, like getting angry, withn, sulking, not talking to them, till they do what we want them to do.

Irrespective of the stimulus, the response is our creation. It is our creation and we can change by creating a new habit. To make transformation natural and easy begin the day with meditation. Acceptance means we are comfortable with their present sanskar and way of working and ready to work withih it from the next moment i. Let’s reduce our desires, and give everything the liberty to happen the first time in reality, as it is meant to be.