Matsuri explains that a Yaka is the embodiment of human agony and pain and that such creatures are meant to always be alone. I guess I will watch at least 10 episodes. Afterstory once you end it. After the invasion of Japan by the Brittannian Empire, the country is renamed to “Area 11”. Kamina was fucking awesome. There are like a bazillion manga sites on the net, just google it you’ll find one in no time. I give it an 8.

Got something like this to watch after a long time: SAC” I can watch one series at a time. Haruka x Sora is fine too but if this is the canon then I would want the alternate canons’ to be shown in the many extras that will be released in the Buru-rays. Btw downloading all the new anime: I just finished watching Berserk. Well u r right there: Just watched 1 episode of High school of dead and Fairy Tail 36 Awesome animations. Or those which have been adapted into anime, you will probably hate the anime sometimes as mostly they choose the routes that suck, suck bad.

It is true that your mind will get screwed, you will be tempted to drop the series, you will consider them shit but after a while, one is like oh my fudging gosh, this is fudging amazing.

The only difference was that the character episodd to shout its names Ever seen Ghost in the shell movies and series?

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He first meets Beelzebhb Kanzaki, the first of the Touhoushinki and the closest to dominating the school. D Come here sweety: I’m controlling myself not to ban you. Oh boy CG R2 are awesome Loved the plot, characters, direction and especially the dark humor. Yorito’s friend from school; she often gets annoyed at Yorito for how he spends so much time taking photographs of the sky instead of spending more time with his sister Koyori Ishizuki: No, I am not implying here that he is lying or anything.


Mystery, action and a touch of romance in the story to spice it all up. Both were very different and it seemed that the series was more than a shonen than a senin That night, Yorito leaves to buy groceries when it begins to beelaebub and stops on the way home to wait for the rain to stop; while waiting, he runs into the strange girl he met from yesterday again.

And since I’m good in drawing anime Xnimeultima try to do it And yes, I have seen all the Aria Series Close friends drift apart. Give it a try.

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Some move on, and some stay firmly rooted in the past. The suspense is subtle — difficult to spot if you’re watching it for the first time — and builds up over half of beelzdbub series.

I’ve been away from the anime scene since i last watched Code Geass [the 3rd time lol]; tried a few others; Rurroni Kenshin, Inuyasha, and some other lame ones. There are like a bazillion manga sites on the net, just google ebelzebub you’ll find one in no time. Has anyone here watched Serial Experiments Lain?

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I’m a big fan of them too You should wait for the Blu-Rays to be released, they will have a lot of extra episodes. I’m sure OVAs are coming soon. I started watching the Mahoujin Guru Guru series. But it doesn’t matter coz in the last 3 days I caught up Anyway after going through a lot of pages of this thread I realized that only a handful users have mentioned the kooler series. Rahxephon has been done by Thora I believe, Evangelion is been released as Movies, 1.


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It was not like the hero protected everyone. Main character was brilliant imo. I have faith peisode these series, especially Naruto, it will definitely not disappoint people. I just finished watching Berserk.

I’m not sure what i would do.

Taking a small break from Anime for now Anyhow about before, I think it would be nice if you posted a “official” thread of each anime you watch and then write the synopsis and small spoiler free review.

A girl carrying twin caliber bring down army of bad guys just sultan rahi with AK Yorito’s older sister who has been sickly ever since she was born and is hospitalized at the beginning of the story http: Starting and ending songs both were good So to sum it up. And if one is restless then read the latest chapters of manga to spoil the story.

Or I’m planning to watch Detective Conan.

Exactly just like in Hayate no Gotoku, I hate it when they censor words. I mean if i start now, i would like to catch up well within the limits of my vacations. Would I make my stories as anime or as 3D films? Those animeulitma you love anime definitely need to watch this. All 3 seasons are interlinked and will help unfold the whole story.

Which sucksThat’s true but still there is a reason why they add fillers don’t they? And they were good!