Neither character really seems like they belong in the role that they serve as a spy and a doctor of evil , which is where a lot of the comedy comes in. A Star Is Born 7. Rogers was known for roles in ‘The Rapture’ and ‘Trees Lounge. Las Vegas Tourist Larry Thomas Commander Gilmour Will Ferrell The demand makes the President and his advisors laugh, as they do not believe that much money even exists. It’s true that the movie is immensely immature and that it has unfortunately little re-watch value one of the biggest problems with the film , but the quality of the comedy is unmistakable.

Kristen Johnston as Ivana Humpalot — Then. Patrick Bristow Virtucon Tour Guide. Views Read Edit View history. Mike Myers is signed, sealed, delivered for ‘Austin Powers 4 ‘ “. In the third movie, he is shown to have left Dr. Carrey was interested in the part, but had to turn the role down due to scheduling conflicts with Liar Liar. Retrieved 28 May Will Ferrell was Dr.

Retrieved 10 August This part of the movie features a cameo by Ozzy Osbournewho claims that it looks like a pair of boobs and points out that the joke was used in the previous film. Fabiana Udenio played Alotta Fagina, a woman sent astin distract Austin and get information from him.

Evil, who was also frozen in the past.

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Eastern European Technician Burt Bacharach Movies Watched in Wayne’s World 2 Dixie Normous is a woman whom Austin meets at the beginning of the third film, while he is at the party.

Evil babies Mini-Me, treating him both like a child and a pet.


Springer returned for the second time when he reunited Scott with his mother, Frau. Her character was inspired by the femme fatales in James Bond films who often have sexually suggestive and ridiculous names. She and Austin are reunited after eight years when Austin travels back to the s, and they work together to stop Dr.

After a fight broke out with the other evil fathers, Springer sent his security over to break it up. Alotta Fagina is Number 2’s girlfriend and secretary.

What Happened To The Cast Of Austin Powers?

Will Ferrell is among the big name actors that appeared in the Austin Powers franchise. The following is a list of fictional characters internaational the Austin Powers series of films. The Curse innternational Oak Island 2. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Ted Kairys Eastern European Technician.

Evil and Austin Powers were raised as brothers before the car explosionmuch like James Bond and Alec Trevelyan, who were raised at the same orphanage before being recruited by MI6. He is alongside Commander Gilmour when Austin is first briefed about his mission.

Mini-Me also enjoys making Scott Evil’s life miserable, which makes Powera. Coincidentally, he works as a mole and has a mole on his face, of which he is painfully aware.

Add to Watchlist Added. Despite their close nature, Mrs. On Disc at Amazon. The Spy Who Shagged Me.

Casino Dealer Cheryl Bartel Can Austin Powers stop this madman? He carries him in a baby carrier strapped to his body at one point, and even has him on a leash later. Number 2 was Dr. Evil, however, is far too stupid to realize this. Austin Powers characters Lists of film characters.


The Los Angeles Times. Despite this, Felicity loved and respected Austin Powers and she tried to have her way with him, but he turned her down due to losing his mojo. Into The Blue 3. Interjational as Cynthia Lamontagne Brian George A Star Is Born 4. Spoofing the spy genre mysteru mostly the James Bond franchise — the film featured quite a few memorable scenes and spawned two even more successful sequels, with a third reportedly in the works.

Fabiana Udenio: Alotta Fagina

Powers and Kensington marry. Retrieved April 11, Evil’s henchmen ; he is an Arab who wears a red fez. Security Guard uncredited Hannah Kozak Las Vegas Robert Taleghany The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Flight Attendant uncredited Gwenda Perez Mike Myers as Austin Powers and Dr.

Evil internatiobal carrying out his schemes often involve his meeting various types of people, getting into fights, and getting caught up in wacky situations. The DVD and Blu-ray versions feature a commentary, as well. Available to Stream Watch on. Retrieved 6 March He is completely identical to Dr.

The film was featured in the correct theatrical aspect ratio for the first time when it was released on Blu-ray, austln the Austin Powers Collection. Evil can resist pointing out whenever they see him, making him a source of comedy in the film. The comedy ‘Austin Powers: