Ookura Shinzo had a relationship with a club hostess, and Fuu was born. Inoue appears with an arm wrestling table and challenges Chisato, since she lost the last time. This is my first time ever to see him. Log in No account? His character in Osen was pretty much like this, as well, but he didn’t get to appear much. The two have absolutely no idea how things go because Inoue, who has decided to go train herself after losing to Chisato in arm wrestling, usually takes care of the bills.

Sho catches him while Chisato lunges to grab him. It couldn’t have been before, since Satoru was already a teenager before his career came to an abrupt end. There’s a manga adaptation for AtaDan? Okada Yoshinori plays the 2nd son, Takeru. If not, then it should! At the VERY end of the episode. And nobody seems to know the answer.

Love him from the first sight and now crazy from AtaDan. I’m predicting he left when he was about 20 years old. The moment is ruined by a scene cut.

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Notify me of new comments via atashincji. Apparently Tokita hand over that position to him. Those who can stay at the sauna room the longest will get the rights to confess his feelings to Chisato, lol! Also–oh, a sauna scene with Tokito at the end would have been great.

I thought that was pretty obvious after episode 6. I gave atasginchi the confession rights already! I love the breakfast scene in this episode!!


Not sure when, but Fuu found out that he’s Shinzo’s birth son, and quite angry that Shinzo wouldn’t want to acknowledge him as his real son, but adopted him, instead. The next morning, Chisato finished the wristbands and fell asleep. Kyoko comes in holding a case with 10 million yen in it.

Well Sho pulls Chisato in for a hug: It always gets revealed sooner or later. At the castle, the boys are in the sauna and takeru comes back! Masaru and Satoru started to have a crush on Chisato. Log in No account? So at the atsshinchi table, Chisato is in shock that they come out. But then somehow it seem to me, that the reason Fuu left the castle was because he is angry that Shinzo didn’t acknowledge him as his real son, which means he knew since a long time ago.

Atashinchi no Danshi – Episode 08 – DRAMAtically INcorrect

atahsinchi The letter contents from Ookura Shinzo, their father, to Fuu, was that there’s a treasure hidden in the castle and Fuu is determined to look for that. Masaru find the breaker, the lights come back on, and everyone notices the case of money is missing. It was a good start.

This is most probably his most active role. Just look at those sad faces!

If you do not love this family, then you need to go drown yourself in a toilet because this family is just tooooo cool for you! He’s getting more guy-ish as the story developed though. But I just wish Chisato is a more comical character.


Everyone starts to nag him. Email required Address never made public. You know what that means. Link Reply Parent Thread.

Is it out soon or is it still in the planning canshi What are you doing?! I really like AtaDan, especially Mukai: She makes her way through the crowd and into the castle with the help of Kokudo sacraficing himself.

Takashima Reiko as Koganei KyokoOokura family’s lawyer is also one of my favorite!! YESS more alone time!

[#082] Atashinchi no Danshi!!!!

We can’t just switch our mindset easily like that! Sho seriously had no idea what was coming to him. His child, Riki, is dpisode and he has to search for np together with his ex-wife, Saki. He and Chisato return to the castle all depressed. Who cares if it was accidental, a kiss is still a kiss. And he’s looking for Fuu around the castle. How Chisato become the step mother of the 6 brothers. Next we see our favorite family trying to finish off the mother goals and they left off with the invention they have to create.