Starring the one woman show, Mother. Where the wind blew, a different wind will blow again. I suggest you to open the website recommended by JK This episode was eventful but mild imo. Eun-oh explains his hunch that his mother came to Miryang looking for Lord Choi, and asks about the connection. Mikunda October 12, at 4: All this flashes back to Arang as Mu-yeon nears, aligning the three of them in the same formation as the night Mom lost her body.

How many more memories will come back to me? Not because JW showed remorse but because Arang had in that gesture showed empathy and forgiveness towards that one person who is perhaps the most undeserving of all. Thank you for your recaps! Might be that it absorbed a bunch of other stuff And then with tears brimming in her eyes, she asks if she does this, will she ever get to see Eun-oh again? Hades stomps over to him and announces that his timeout is over, and sends him back down.

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I don’t know if Episod would call her act of wanting him to remember her as selfish. To lull us into a false sense of security or whatnot? Had the same exact questions in my mind Donna October 18, at 7: They run towards the door. He starts directing the men in earnest, but they livd him. That scene and the mutual confession, was beautiful.

Even if I hadn’t watched the preview of ep 20, I would still say that JW doesn’t deserve the sympathy he did.

Arang and the Magistrate: Episode 17 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

She is killing two birds with one stone here: If MY and MY can’t get together, then fairies and reapers can’t be together? John June 1, at My eyes glistened episodr I saw at least a piece of skin from LJK! That kind of confession never fails to turn me into a puddle of goo. A fantastic cast crackling with chemistry and a general dexterity with sageuk acting with a few weaker links paired with a fascinating story, Arang is cute, funny, spookily romantic, and filled with tons of potential that is already pushing at the seams even within one meager episode.


The head whipping from mojo infested grandma that finally enlightened shaman-y Bong-Wool. I believe that is the courtesy of JE to have at least EO feel and have a life for a moment with her mother be able to hug her and see her smile as a happy person.

Truly JE knew what’s in EO’s heart.

Or i just thought about it? Whereas the love Arang and Eunho have for one another is mutual and deep. Now we’re supposed to think he isn’t that bad of a guy.

Arang and the Magistrate: Episode 19 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Your reason for it really makes sense though. Arang admits that episoed is afraid of finding out the truth about her death now. She asks him to promise—that when Mu-yeon comes back, he not hesitate for one second to put a knife in her heart. In Korea, often a relationship is built up on the basis of favors without counting. Emma October 12, at How much does Eun Oh know about good and bad in the world of spirits and ghosts?

Self Sacrifice doesn’t rank as Noble Idiocy to me if the fate of the universe and the balance of Life and Death is at stake as well as your love. In solving that one thing, they get rid of the fairy, solve the issue with Arang or get a clue about it. Why was Arang placed in the shack first place? She will be reincarnated as a butterfly in garden or park thingy that they went on previous episode. Kiara October 18, at 8: Mom senses them coming and when Eun-oh charges at her with the hairpin, she throws him back with her black demon mist.


Instead, they let Lord Choi sneer and smirk for a while, seemingly back our hero up against a rock, and then resolved it before the story had any time to lag. October 10, at Thanks for the recap! Wherever she ends up going, one them will forget. E;isode his return, he finds Arang outside his room. This genre is so different from your typical Korean drama so I really appreciated how it pushed the boundary in regards to the fantasy. Their love is really something because it’s the kind of love many people strive for but very few achieve: He didn’t react to the situation any slower than Young does when he finds out that Eun-soo is trying to sacrifice herself poison, fake-aligning herself with the other side, etc etc etc to help him.

I love how Eun Oh is really calculative. As he races out of the yhe, Arang narrates her letter:. Jan October 17, at She can manipulate hearts of Grim and boy-murderer alike but she doesn’t truly understand it. That is what I agree. While Arang helps Bang Wool shoplift successfully, they bump into some officials eisode the same time the shopkeepers scream that there is a thief on the loose.

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