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Send a private message to jesse. A Million Miles Away A new track is available at http: All times are GMT Send a private message to prince jafar allah. Find More Posts by box elder. But yeah, it was a bit heartbreaking to see them for the first time without Aaron.

The current 2 pictured are of the American Press on Graveface records and to my knowledge a few moments ago were the only versions ever pressed.

Geração The Appleseed Cast

I have it on CD, but I’m also desperately looking for it on vinyl. Page 42 of The Last In A Line. Send a private message to God. I traded family life for hardcore. How Life Can Turn. They’ve still got it, even though Chris rsr the only founding member still in the band. Everything else was lost when my hard drive was wiped. A Dream For Us. Send a private message to Krusty the Funny Klown.

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Appleseed Cast – Low Level Owl Vol. 1 & 2

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Pages Home Contact Other Blogs. If I have a preference for guitar-heavy, unabashed emo over respectable indie-rock, should I start with their earlier albums, or is there casg clear work I need to hear first?

More Adventurous: The Appleseed Cast Collection.

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Find More Posts by cole. Now that I’m older it seems I have more time to catch up on forgotten hardcore bands. Juanchi Newells 5 June at I’m kind of into albums that play like soundtracks to bittersweet films though I’m not much of a post-rock fan typically- they generally can be kind of formulaic and melodramatic. This 3rd press version features different center labels from the 1st and 2nd press which both have sgaarmatha same center labels as well sagamatha “The Appleseed Cast Low Level Owl Vol.

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Low Level Owl Volume I Whoops, let’s try that image again: Find More Posts by skittlebrau. Planes Mistaken For Stars – Staggerswallowswell. I’m a big fan of these guys. Didn’t even know these guys were still around, so this is a nice surprise. JPG Sorry for the multiple posts. I never listened to these guys much, what is the best album to start with?


I have no info on “Sagarmatha” other than it is a 2xLP and appears that it may have been released with the original CD artwork unlike the completely re-designed Graveface version.

The following are caet winRAR, so go here first: Seen them three times one was Low Level Owl played in its entirety. User Name Remember Me?

Originally Posted by Navin Johnson yeah everyone needs to download bitches ain’t shit right this very second. One Reminder, An Empty Room. Send a private message to Jim Jones. Originally Posted by SideshowTim whoa. From top going right: Big storms are forecasted for England tonight. Ring Out The Warning Bell. Find More Posts by grissom. Race Car Riot – Broken. The time now is I have recently thought about maybe selling my 2nd press but when I took it out to take the collection photo I immediately said “no way” simply due to how awesome of a blue the first LP is.