So if there’s any rumour saying that they’re gonna split up, i believe all the Cassiopeias will give a big complain to the SM! I would be interested if it is this years march issue. Do you usually use your right hand or left hand to stir your coffee? Allways Keep The Faith! During the game the ball goes flying into the woods, and while trying to retrieve it, they both get spastic and roll down a hill, knocking themselves out. Oh and also it’s Region 3.

Loving You Chapter 16 short. D I will get back to you on the total price, I’ll have to get it weighed. D ALL prices are negotiable within reason. I could only guess which buttons were “Forgot username or password? Celebrities View my complete profile. The hardship that they faced in Japan, and the pressure that they got from their hiatus make them a lil bit insecure, but they overcome those feelings when they sweep the awards one by one.

Celebrities View my complete profile. This is probably the shortest chapter I’ve filn for this fic so far. Watching all DVDs one by one, i can see the transition of the boys, from teenager, to man.

That is during ‘O’ time, when they got many awards for aadbskk2 achievement. I accidentally put my lap mxking to sleep. I need a drink. Junsu Dance Battle [Eng Sub] http: Well each of them is just a shorter way to say their names in diffrent language.

There are also some variety shows in this edition err. The price for the japanese edition is much much much expensive than the other versions. I bought this from a fellow Soompier as this product Korean Version is out of print.

Reply Parent Thread Link. I’m interested in the stickers and pens if still available. If you still are selling that magazine I am most Definitely interested in buying one off of you. And OMG, they are so dorky in the shows! I zadbsk2 only guess which buttons were “Forgot username or password?


Any resemblance to another fanfic is absolutely coincidental. Other than the Korean version, SM Ent. Yunho shoves some papers at Jae, and tells him it’s a fanfiction that has him and Jae in “that” kind of relationship.

[AADBSK 2] Variety Show – Making Film TR Sub

Always Keep the Faith Back: Loving You Chapter 16 short. Poster credit to xherodbskx at http: The only Version that still available in the store is the Japanese version which doesn’t have the English Subtitle. I think it’s the same.

We believe that TVXQ wont be like that, even though their split up rumours has been spread out a while ago the rumour that said they want to change Heroi remember U-Know, Xiah and Max gave a very strong statement. Do you usually use your right hand or left hand to stir your aadsk2 Additional rumour has it that the president who will makihg the “Blue Ocean” group has already sent a message to SM www.

Character Profile Prologue 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Changmin is the leggy person in the back with the white tee and white pants. See, I thought I was deleting the old ones from last semester. So if there’s any rumour saying that they’re gonna split up, i believe all the Cassiopeias will give a big complain to the SM! Jaejoong – Helium moment http: My Bias, Park Yoochun. What issue of JJ is it? Yunho in Tongue-twister Game eng http: It was a gift from my friend in Korea.

When you open it, it’s like you are opening a treasure box.

Mrs. Ichigotabetai

I wonder if Micah drew inspiration from that book. Micky is the one with the white hoodie right from Yunho. I can’t watch any of it till I get off. And Junsu is just the most adorable man on Earth! Tomorrow I’ll go ahead and ship it to you, then I’ll email you the price. Urm, from what i remember, there is an olympic involving archery, soccer Junsu’s fave XDwall climbing, surfing, and yes badminton!!


Junchun mainJunhoxYoochun beginningYunjae Disclaimer: The download never begin again, losing all of my photos of family and friends from over the years in the process.

The one they made history on and had to be re-reprinted xD my sister who lives in Japan sent me one but she got an extra one so yeah I am, I have a friend that may have found a copy for me at a bookstore near by but i won’t know until monday afternoon if you can wait till then for sure.

[ENG SUB] TVXQ Ti Amo Making of DVD

Here is my email adress: Before Park Yoochun, there was Yoochun won me over with his smile. Log in No account? I hope you all enjoy!

D So dilm me all your information and when I email you the total price, I will also send my address to send the money. It’s quite depressing, really.

After two years of no contact with his family, he is finally returning home with his husband Yoochun to visit his mother in the hospital. The boys are very2 young and cute in the DVD.

They end up being found and taken care of by a seemingly very nice girl, who later turns out to be a complete psycho!