Why didn’t Sinan have friends to check Mine for him? Unknown, I blame the writers who didn’t make Sinan have any depth until the very end so I figure a different writer weighed in on changing it Guess we will never know since there is no season 2. Also it was probably not Derin, as the gun that was shown had a man’s hand holding it. Unknown 13 October at I have some memories of having seen this production before Netflix got it, and it continues developing these issues. The screen could have been filled with more Sinan and even Deniz and Merve as minor characters. Will him story be she was list and she found him like Sinan and Mine?

And he wasn’t a good actor at that. Who is Merves mother and why she appears now? Or is this something we just have to swallow as an unfinished story? Buczinca 8 December at Timur, manipulative and rude, he knows everything. I was puzzled at that end! If there is no Season 2 they should release the screen play for viewers to see the ending.

First of all, if it is an incomplete series with no book to indicate to the viewers what happened in the unpublished episodes, then Netflix should scrap it.

This is a show that could have been excellent but Unknown 13 October at Unknown 28 July at Although Sinan tries to contact Mine, Emine scuttles this attempt. Unknown 17 January at Just want eoisode say I loved your comment. If Mine married Sinan and showed us them in 20 or 40 or 60 years from now I am watching this for the first time, and I am already disappointed after reading comments, that this series either ended abruptly, or not the way that we would have liked it to end.


Could somebody advised me when season 2 will be released. Eva Lederer 20 November at Sinan is still a kid.

I still can’t believe that I wasted so much energy to watch 79 ep. I love Turkish serials but the ending of most of them is very disappointing. That poor guy loved her to insanity. MomOnMiddle 1 July at The cast of actors were amazing.


Timur was so selfish he didn’t care about anyone, but himself. Sinan was so immature and annoying! Since it was film in Mine, not for Timur not for sinan. Miggs 12 January at Sinan was so immature and annoying!! Unknown 2 July at Unknown 26 September at A7babfo I think I will write my own ending for all the characters in 1 piece of paper, then read it before going to bed 1 night and that will be the end of my disappointment I’ve even learned some Epixode words.

No news whether there is going to be a season 2. Why is Derin n Emine still alive- kill them instead!

Is there a second season? Sinan tries to kill Timur for loving Mine, but Derin distracts him and kills Funda as revenge.

افلام يوتيوب

Loved this show but has left me with so many gaps! Unknown 29 November at So unfair to your viewers, I feel like boycotting all Turkish shows in the future. A glass of wine, a roast chestnut, a wretched little brazier, the sound of I would add Emine to the suspect list Full of promise and fragility.

Agreed with everything you wrote except I found Erdal and Funda to be very annoying and their acting did not come up to par with the others. This series was great but I do understand why they never made a second series. I am tilfa that Mine never had a sexual relationship with Timur. Not having the son brought up together. Why did they kill Sinan in the end and why did Timur’s wife appeared on the last minute of a 79 episodes show reversing everything that happened from the beginning???


Doina de Florentin 12 October at That’s not even an end! Mine should have had a sexual relationship with Timur and should have been a few weeks pregnant when Sinan came back into her life. I just do not understand how Mine, after loving Tiifla for so long and having his child could suddenly be all in love with Timur. I would not consider this to be mature love A similiar movie, Al Yazmalim, the boyfriend was Seckin Ozdemin. Another Turkish disappointment for me! I guess since this was a production there definitely wont be another series.

I think that Sinan was shot by Derin, she was going to get revenge from him.

I want to think that Timur shot my favorite actor Sinan. Emine haunts everyone’s life and the whole society can’t control her tantrums.

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Mine is in love with Sinan Hakan Kurtasa young man from a rich family. But in the end it was because he was so in love with her. I too saw it as creepy, but then I appreciated everything he did for her.